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Ronnie and Clyde

In Glorious Black and Blue

Ronnie & Clyde's vinyl outings for Swim were quite successful and received acclaim from the mainstream press for their intelligent take on dance music and flair for creating exciting and catchy tunes.

In Glorious Black and Blue is the duo's first long play effort and clocks in at just over an hour. It begins well with the solid beats and booming bassline of Natural One and never really lets go. The sound is remarkably mature and is both clean and well handled. The mix is exemplary, with each element shining through—nothing is lost in the background.

Theme from a Lazy Life is particularly good; a chilled beat and booming bass allow various electronic tunelets and riffs to sneak through, along with the occasional choir-like vocal texture. Macro-scopic shifts the pace up a few notches creating a sort of intelligent drum 'n' bass/electro hybrid.

My only reservation is that it rarely reaches the gutsy drive of Macro-scopic and the thrilling ten-minute From a Great Height, as the bulk of the tracks remain fairly slow 'chill out' numbers. Mind you, although it's perhaps not quite as intense and gutsy as it might have been, the fact remains that this is a bloody good album. Miss it at your peril.

Craig Grannell (1998)

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