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2005 archive

This page contains edited versions of all the news pages from 2005 that appeared on this site. Please note that links to external sites may not work, but were active at the time of writing. Internal links should all still be active, but if you find a dead link please inform us by using the contact form.

October 14: Michael Clark Company featuring music by Wire

Music by Wire is featured in Michael Clark Company's new piece 0 - Stravinsky Project Part 1, being performed at the Barbican on Novemeber 1-5 at 7.45pm. Split into two halves, one the antithesis of the other, the core of O is Clark's definitive version of Apollo with Stravinsky's score performed live, plus a new work accompanied by heart-pumping music from Wire and The Velvet Underground. This is part of Dance Umbrella 2005 in association with Time Out. Tickets range from £7 to £35, with under 26s apparently getting in for half-price. More information and booking information can be found at

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

October 03: Githead interview online

A Githead interview by Graeme Rowland is now online for your viewing pleasure.

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

July 05: New Bruce Gilbert recording

Terry Edwards (who played on Former Airline at one of Wire's Garage gigs a while back) informs us that "Bruce joined me and my fellow Scapegoats at London's Festival Hall at David Bowie's Meltdown in 2002. The recording of 681 (the burn-up) is included on the Sartorial Records CD sampler, available from the Sartorial Records shop for £4.99 + postage (which is only 1p in the UK)". He notes that Bruce has authorised the release, "so it's not a cheeky bootleg"!

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

June 09: Profile reviewed

Craig Grannell's review of Profile, the new Githead album, is now online.

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

May 31: Symptoms: Joy, Discipline and Violence

Posteverything reports that three new Symptoms releases are now available for download. Rather than release the albums as normal, they've been put on the internet as 'album applications', essentially a kind of slideshow/audio combination that runs on a PC or Mac. Posteverything's album applications page states that Violence is the pretty one: cold and burning; Joy is the nihilist one, and carries a frustrated message of joy; and Discipline is a nature album: it brings dust, grit, earth and dirt together in dance. And for those of you who want to play the audio in isolation, it's easy enough to extract the MP3 files from disk images. Reviews coming soon...

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

April 26: Rip It Up and Start Again

Simon Reynolds has informed us about his new book Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-84. "Based on over 125 interviews, it's a panoramic survey of the seven-year period following punk, taking in everything from PIL to ABC to ZTT, from industrial and 2-Tone to synthpop and goth. Of particular interest will be the chapter on Wire, based on new interview material with the group."

The book, published by Faber & Faber, was released on April 21, is 576 pages long and is fully illustrated. Note that the American edition will be out on Viking Penguin in February 2006.

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

April 13: Githead videos online

The Wire website has some Githead videos online from the band's performance at Ether 05. Three pieces are on offer: To Have And To Hold, Antiphon, and an interview. We also have word that the new Githead album should arrive within the next six weeks.

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

February 25: Has Bruce Gilbert left Wire?

That seems to be the rumour currently rampaging around the internet, notably due to the statement on Mike Thorne's website,, which reads in full that Wire "are now one member short after the departure of Bruce Gilbert late last year. Whether the remaining three will continue as the group is undecided. After the last releases as a four-piece, Read & Burn 01 (2002) and Send (2003), recording is also uncertain."

However, the official word from Wire's manager, Paul Smith, is that to his "sure and certain knowledge, all four band members remain on the company payroll". He notes that, for various reasons, a Wire tour of any kind is looking unlikely in the immediate future, but also says that Colin's Githead project has sparked rumours of Wire's demise, despite Colin still actually working hard on a selection of Wire duties.

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

February 24: New reviews

Fergus Kelly reviews Wire's latest DVD, The Scottish Play, while Craig Grannell offers Wireviews' belated opinion of Words on Music's Outdoor Miner tribute, A Houseguest's Wish.

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

February 08: Wire CD fault update

Posteverything reports that the faults with The Scottish Play have now been resolved. The full statement reads:

"Normally you would not hear from us so quickly, but we'd like just to announce that all the production problems over Wire's The Scottish Play DVD+CD are now resolved. Replacement CDs were sent out last week to all posteverything customers who received the now extremely rare(!) blank CD version, and the product as it was intended to be is now available to order.

"Thank you all for your patience and the kind words that pinkflag and posteverything have received while we were resolving these problems."

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

February 01: KREV play IDEAL

The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland National Anthem will be performed at the IDEAL festival in The Atelier Grande in Nantes, France, April 08 - 09, with versions by John Duncan, Edvard Graham Lewis, Leif Elggren and Carl Michael Von Hausswolff. Also appearing at the festival will be Charlemagne Palestine and Tony Conrad, NSK/Laibach, Einsturzende Neubauten, and The Balenescu Quartet.

Posted by: Fergus Kelly

January 30: Githead gigs

While Githead completes work on the band's debut album, we've had news of some more live gigs:

March 12: Seats & Beats Festival Hof Ter Lo, Antwerpen, Begium (alongside The Go Find & Zool); tickets: €12 - €9 - €8.

March 14: Ether Festival at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK (alongside former Neu! members Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius and They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them); tickets: £12.50 - £10.00.

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

January 29: Wire CD fault respone

Posteverything reports that some copies of the audio CD that accompanies The Scottish Play are faulty:

"Due to a recently discovered fault with some of the audio discs which accompany the new Wire DVD, we have temporarily removed the item from our listings. We are urgently investigating the fault and will re-list the DVD as soon as this issue is resolved. We suspect that the fault occured at the manufacturing stage and that all stock will be affected.

"For those of you that have already received a copy and have discovered a fault with it, please contact us to let us know and we'll make sure you receive a working replacement as soon as we can get one to you.

"Many apologies for the disappointment this will cause all you loyal Wire fans. We ask that you remain patient and, unless you are a recipient of a faulty copy, refrain from contacting us about this issue... we're going to be quite busy!"

Also, please note that if you do have a defective CD, contact Posteverything, not Wireviews!

Posted by: Craig Grannell.

January 28: OCSID & Graham Lewis soundtracks

OCSID (Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Edvard Graham Lewis, Jean Luis Huhta), have produced a soundtrack to The Last Supper, a one-hour film by Lars Bigert and Mats Bergstrom.

Screening schedule:

The Gotenburg Film Festival, January 30, Febrruary 1, 4 and 5. More details:

Milliken Gallery: Installation and film, February 23 and 25. More details:

Swedish Television SVT (equivalent of BBC): Good Friday—March 25.

From the press release:

"In comparison to life, the condemned person's right to wish for a particular last meal before execution is absurd. Bigert & Bergstrom's film questions the death sentence from a new perspective. What is the last meal's ritual function? One answer the film shows is the possibility of the ritual providing a deeper meaning beyond punishment, for both the condemned man and his keepers; and maybe, therefore, the acceptance of the consequences of death. This documentary art film looks at how the last meal and execution has transformed from public spectacle into a hidden government activity."


"The 'star' of the film is Brian Price who was the last meal cook for 12 years whilst a prisoner himself, at Huntsville Prison, Texas. Besides the book he wrote about his prison experiences, he also compiled a recipe book, Meals To Die For. This is a cookery programme with a difference! He is an extremely engaging and entertaining speaker. There is no voiceover, so all information plus translations are displayed as animated graphics. The film is interspersed with tableaus/sculptures/artworks by Bigert & Bergstrom."

Graham has also composed the soundtrack to All Under, a film by Gunilla Leander, to be exhibited as a three-screen/4.1 sound installation. This will be shown at Farg Fabriken, Stockholm, from April 16 for four weeks. More details: and www.

All Under:

Out of the void a naked cast clash in violent confrontation... Bodies collide, miss, twist and embrace. Tense, gripping, fluid and spinning, All Under evinces a scenario both dynamic yet melancholy... all asunder... All Under.

Posted by: Fergus Kelly.