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Colin Newman



Intonation, imitation, alliteration, alienation, aberration, estimation, felicitation, invitation, escalation, interpretation, innovation, perpetuation, calibration, implication, incaseration, normalisation

Privatisation, ritualisation, classification, embrocation, alcertation, commiseration, part inflation, organisation

Civilisation, penetration, perpetuation, salivation

Repatriation, poor relation, interrogation, anticipation, serialisation, null equation, good occasion, proliferation

Secularisation, pasteurisation, galvanisation, sanitation, decoration, education, oscillation, communication

Deprivation, derivation, immunisation, seperation, fabrication, discrimination, delegation, incriminisation, recreation, urination, crucification, divination


Science and silence, discover authority
Input output, output input

Mystery and entropy, in parallel and series
Annual ambience, the future a paradox

Significantly practical, everyone's discovery
A restaurant, the future, Albania or Vienna

Supermarket fascination, previous life discovery
Input output, output equals input

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