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Who is here and who is not
And who is not quite sure?
Who will play and who will pay
And who will lose it all?
Who would fly and who will try
And who will miss the ground?
Who is blind and can see
And who is there to know?

How can you know the dance from the dancer?
Questions of a [thousand dreams?]
There's no [mark] the road to disaster
Stretching ahead, don't step too far
How can you know the song from the singer?
Questions of a [conquered dream?]
Is there no sense, nor rhymes nor reason
Is it to be or not to be?

How to walk and how to crawl
And how to move at all
How to stop and how to start
And how to make it back
How to love and how to live
And not be led on
How to climb and how to show
Something that not here

Where is here and where is there
And where is that right now?
Where to look and when to lead
And not to be deceived?
Why [?] and not [chance?]
Or make no sense at all
Why [?] the more you [hurt?]
The more you want to know


Streets paved with gold, over the wire
Promises lost, rumour sees fire
It's not my war, you make me a soldier
You can't make me fight, I'd rather surrender

Something else has taken hold of me
Dream away, I don't hear
Nothing left for mystery
Fly away, I don't hear

Climb to the top, slide under [leather?]
Wave the word fly, fortune gets better
Coffee compete, grows by the hour
Read and for [?], your town devoured

In Circles

Ancient summers all will grow
Crimson feathers at the store
All that fragile and hot as a nail
Broken manager, bottles of gin

One step forward and one step (two steps) back
In one direction and always in the same way
And it's only the very beginning
[We think?] nothing that before
And I'm gliding right back to the future

[Is the answer to river flow?]
[Dancing seeds throughout the room?]
[Far away we see them go?]
[Children staring in the dark?]

Close the doorway back in time
Looking for something [you lost in a while?]
Everything can still be done
Everything can still be there

I can't Find a Way (to you)

Taking off, sliding back to confusion
Waking up, was it just an illusion?

Are you clear, is your head above water?
Take a break, but your journey's not over

[Older survives?] and old records roam
Over and out, and the lights go down

Create an atmosphere, take care, don't disappear
Head for the stratosphere, take care, don't disappear

And I can't find a way to you


Pure as the snow at first sight
Warm as your love
As we lay awake through the night
Onto dawn
Flow just like clouds
Near and far
Down shoot the leaves
On the ground

Where's the night
All the bright
Dreaming away
Open skies
We must go
More than me
Even more
Where's the cry?
Dream away
All the the skies
We must go
Morning bees
Evening calls

Reach the Tree

Now the air is green
Against a clutch of grass
The want that sleeps away inside of us
A touch of innocence, reminder of the past
And what will be, will be the final plan?

Who will find the tree?
And haul the rock, just reach the tree
It's much to make, it's never too late
It's not in vain, it's never in vain

Soft Mad Children


Like soft mad children

Take me on your...

Daze, pale sun
Lots of words walking out of line
Is that the beat?
[I speak of decent pack?]
Which we know nothing
The strong were never weak
And leaves would tremble in the stillness
Everything outside exists in us
Everything is known
About nothing

Coconut Grove [Lovin' Spoonful]

[tabulated by Andrew Rogers on OLGA]
[Andrew Rogers tabulated the original version by The Lovin' Spoonful.]

[Em7 A7]

It's really true how nothing matters
No mad, mad world and no mad hatters
No one's pitching 'cause there ain't no batters


In Coconut Grove

Don't bother now, there's no one coming
The ocean roar will dull the drumming
Of any city that's a state away


The ocean breeze is cooling my mind

[Em7 A7]

The salty days are yours and mine
Just to do what we want to

Tonight we'll find a dune that's ours
And softly we will speak the stars
Until sunup

It's all from having someone knowing
Just which way your head is blowing
Who's always warm like in the morning

In Coconut Grove


Windows open, no one has spoken
For more enough an hour
Enveloped in silence, watching the soaps
Watching the moment flower
No more nothing, oh sweet nothing
All the pain is gone
Can't remember ever feeling
Quite like this before

Setting fire to a melting pot
Watching the flames grow higher
Guessing dates before they'll (we'll) ever start
Telling the fool from the liar

Entertainer dining out
Like any stately king
Sleeps in the coffee, sleeps in the sugar
And waits for the phone to ring
No more endings and beginnings
All the pain is gone
Undetermined, not quite finished
Not quite ever more

World is Turning

The pre-stone age men first made their case on the walls of lost caves
Imagining himself as a great hunter
Nothing has changed much, neither the beast nor the men
Only the cave is more comfortable
So very ordinary
Nothing seemed like it, nothing

Where they standing and no one is listening at all
Who is waiting and who will return the call?
Words are empty and [silences are full ?]
[Eyes are open and minds can be stuck?]

He fought in banquets that are even [?]
The burning [tree accounts for much?]
The world is filled with oysters, battlefields, and parking lots
After the bomb exploded, only the furniture was left intact
It seemed like nothing
Nothing must seem like it, nothing

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