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Third Day

Art Of Persistence (first Draft)

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[Note that the guitars are detuned a half-step from standard tuning. This is true for all songs on this CD.]


The shadow emerges
Suspicion unto fact
The trouble with doubles
They've distastefully [stacked?]
We are the [?] structure
The [?] desire takes hold
The result of the message
Between once and now on

[D#5] The art of persistence
[C#5] Survival-bred skills
[B5] Revenge for the final
[C#5] Test of the wills
[D#5] Persistence survival
[C#5] Test of the wills
[B5] Prepare for the final
[C#5] Perfect rivals who kill
[B5] Prepare for the final
[A#5] Perfect rivals who kill

How could I disguise?
Smoke signals have blown
The immunity network
Is both scattered and worn
By the best of good fortune
He's aware what's in store
And someone lies
Beyond the last door

The immaterial breaks down
Under the knife
Security's blown
For the next and his wife
Over the whole operation know
What the search can prevent
In communication
The last breath is spent

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