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Various artists

Swim Team 1

Tall Grey Buildings

I woke up, or am I still dreaming?
Falling apart, here comes that feeling
Get out of bed, the windows are [steaming?]
Show yourself, here comes that feeling

Tall grey buildings touch the sky
Mouldy car parks full of cars

Tall grey buildings suck the sky
Mouldy car parks, empty now

The Narrativ

Believe me when I say to you it shouldn't have to be this way
We could decide to take a view, take a ride, be on time
Often nothing matters much, the consequences sometimes flow
But often, in analysis I'm speaking parenthesis
So it seems or so it goes, the narrativ will sometimes fade
And making sense is not the point, but being there is worth the price

First Person (First Version)

Time shall not be aware
Time won't wait nor care

Cover artwork