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Gilbert, Lewis and Mills



Reverse black home white car foreign land
Blue sky red stripe green screen white car
White fan orange moon blue eye red leg green sweep
Orange life blue warm red brim black tie white sing
Green fir black rob white cloth orange band
Blue sling red strip green screen black car white fang
Orange moon blue eye red head green string
Orange light blue are red green black tie white skin
Green birch black coat white car five [turn?]
Blue sleeve red stripe green screen black car white band orange moon
Blue eye red fang green streak orange line blue are red rim
Black tie white skin green fur black robe white car
Orange band blue string red strip green screen black car white fan orange moon
Blue eye red hair green streak orange light blue red rim black tie

Quicken Your Step

[Virtually no fingerprints they'll toy with no aftertaste?]
[They think with most side by side friends in England no weekend just them?]
[What are only the drag?]
Faltering with no finger, faltering with no fingerprints
[Delta-wing?] with no aftertaste, gaping with no side by side, [protecting?]
[No fingers still, war arms with no feet under it?]
Taking a stand
[Apple box?] with no clean up [your act?]
Clean up your act

Cover artwork