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One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing

Trilby's Couch

Between two chairs
On Trilby's couch
A volunteer lies in a trance
He rises up up up
And floats in the air
Some hold their breath and others stare
He goes up up up
And hangs in the air
Some give a sign
He takes a bow

Just Talk

It was all talk
Yankee doodle dandy man
Sell me my words
All the time I didn't mean it
Just a tick tock

Who shall spell it out?
Johnnie says Frankie pays
They were lovers
But the gun wasn't loaded
Just a tick tock
God is that the time

Its heart throbs heart jobs
Inca Gods
Your leave has been cancelled
The shark has no teeth, dear
Just a tick tock
You've just run out of time

There's a Scent of Rain in the Air

Held eyes and that hand
The pressed lips still
Stillness in secret spoken
A bowed head and in the dark
The dead kissed secret taken

Now warm and that tongue
Slow smiles seem cold
And mouths in silence shudder
That spells touch and in the dark
Secret kiss secret taken

The pain that pleased
Chilled into clay
That charm so lightly spoken
The touch that traced
It's sweet dumb song
It's grave the promise broken

Our Dust

There's a carpet on the floor
A padlock on the door
There's a cushion on a chair
I don't care

There's a book on a shelf
A dress on myself
There's some dust on the stair
I don't care

There's a pebble on a beach
A wave you can't reach
If your heart isn't there
I don't care

So Soon

Mind the children, Mary
Whistle a tune
Clap your hands
There are meals to choose

It does help, doesn't it?
So soon

Mind the children, Mary
Lace up your shoes
Wash your face
There are years to lose

Give me

[tabulated by]

["." = harmonic]

Give me
A stolen kiss

Give me
A little bliss

Take me
I want a midnight walk

Let me
Have an easy hour

There was a man
And all he said was
I love the sound of the word money

To Sleep

There is china fever
On Table Mountain
As the storm squeezed
Through the pane of glass
I name this minute eternity
And wait for it to pass

Oh to sleep between my dreams
And live before my past

The ghost of the moment
Barked like a man
Come on... come on and find me

We seem frozen
As the hour shudders
Inside the air

Looks Like

There's been a shift
There's been a move
Feels like a change

Looks like a twist
Seems like a move
You've been strange

How strange

Anyway another girl said
Is this my time?
And the wind blew in her face
She said
What is it like when you do that?
And flowers fell over her
She asked
How does it feel mister?
And the moon fell in her lab

There's been a shift
Seems like a move
Feels like a change
How strange


So they think they do better
Then they all agree
Sometimes swings slowly
For them and for me

When it's pitching for them
It's swaying for me
If it's ebbing for them
It's waving for me

If it's rolling for them
It's swimming for me
When it's drifting for them
It's diving for me

But it's moving for them
When it's shifting for me
And it's stirring for them
When it's standing for me

One of our Girls has Gone Missing

One of our girls has gone missing
We've heard she's left
So where do we go now?
It feels like theft
Feels like

One of our girls has gone over the wall
Under a wire
She's cut and run
But where is she now?
She's gone

She's lost her colour and faded away
Left an empty house
And moved into thin air

One of our girls has gone missing
Under a cloud
Will she come back
Or is she too proud?
She's gone

One of our girls has gone with the wind
And run away
For more than a minute
For more than a day
She's gone

So one of our birds has flown
Is that so distressing?
She can have her wings
Will she have our blessing?
She's gone

Time was

Time was when we got along
Time was when we got along
It's too bad that the feeling's gone

Time was when we could agree
Time was when we could agree
That time's gone now your find fault with me

I've got time
Things will work out fine

Trouble will not wreck my life
Trouble will not wreck my life
Someday you'll write what I'm saying now

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