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Long One

I've got a notion, I've got a notion you can't see
I've got a number, I've got a number you can't reach
I've got a message, I've got a message you can't read
I've got an idea, I've got an idea you can't [operate?]

I've got a feeling, I've got a feeling you can't buy
I've got an address, I've got an address you can't reach
I've got a statement, I've got a statement you can't switch
I've got a concept, I've got a concept you can't understand

I'm Spaced (in)

It's not in fact a thing to joke about
And why believe when not much comes of it?
In time I'm sure the details will appear
'Til then I wish it all could be more clear

I'm spaced (to the limit)

Defends no cause although self-evident
Who knows in fact what's random or what's meant?
In time we hope to make more sense of it
'Til then you'll see what fancy will [convince?]

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