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Colin Newman

It Seems

Quite Unrehearsed

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[D#m C#m G#m]

We're all quite unprepared
Just waiting for some pearls to drop
Like apples from a tree
Finding another itch to scratch

[F#m D#m]

What is there left to do?
Each day develops as it will
Do with it what you may
We'll just be passing on the time, the time

Competition is often fierce
Queuing for some providence
Is it raining again?
Shall we dodge in between the drops?

We're all quite unrehearsed
Waiting for our autocue
Like divers in the deep
Finding another reef to mine

[A#m C#m D#m F#m]

Can't Help Being

Replete and in style
In a matter of moments
You discover in time
It makes no sense
Let's make no judgements
No instant scruples
You'll discover in time
It's something else

Don't pass me by
Can't help being like this
Don't realise
Can't help being like this

In time you'll agree
You're no different to me
You'll discover in time
It doesn't matter
And if you could see
What I see when I see
You'll discover in time
There's something else

The Rite of Life

Creep slowly, towards the light
Essential Green
Elevate, to spawn and seed
To multiply

Swimming in an ocean
Struggling towards the source
Assured creation
Enveloping all the earth

Germinate, then comes the night
The scent of night
Procreate, the rite of life
It never ends

An Impressive Beginning

Boulevarding and delineating
Swerving and desisting
An infinitesimal particle
A non-void secateur

An impressive beginning
And a slide toward China
Implicit and duplicite
Particle and metaparticle

Are you smaller than a quark
Or do you just like the 2's and 3's?
Well I've got a theory
I've always got a theory

Remoulading and generalising
Imperious and egalitarian
Half the week is a Wednesday
The changeless repartee

It Seems

[tabulated by]


It seems, we become
Words have no form
Sense has no meaning
It seems, we belong
Life has no past
Time's past deceiving

There is no time

Better Later than Never

[tabulated by]

[F# A B D]

An increment in the score
Those Turks are sunk again
On double bubble with verve
Can anyone tell the difference?
Clinging tight to the back
We think we've got him caught
Tapping into the juice
We think we've got it made

From an acorn to an opal
In lower lands he plays
From a clover at the far dawn
In better times he scores
Better later than never
Intention never dies

A border unit was sneaked
An oxygen-less flight
The dog that bit saved the day
The high-point of the year
The hanging's not on the cards
The future gloom's ensured
The cloud may break or may not
The semi-final end

Not Being in Warsaw

From a distance, you speak to me
A few snatched words, across the gulf
A transient line, on borrowed time
From mouth to ear, from there to here

Not understanding
Not being there

Cold in summer, in empty town
Beyond complaint, or even comment
A transient time, a borrowed life
From mouth to mouth, a distant moan

At Rest

At rest, balanced between illusion and emotion
Thought and body no longer in motion
What are my needs?
Why do you all appear to be so unhelpful?
Uneventful, the course is smoothed
Ever grateful, I move bemused

Truth, good day to you my friend
More wrappings we'll take away today
If my speech is slurred, please cut my tongue

Beset, by such and which and what events here
Unaffected, undeniably, there's no fear
This is my voice
Why have you all appeared and been so helpful?
Together we make our way
Not leaving much to say


This is important to me
What I know and what I can't show
Best to make it complete
What's before and what's considered

Illusion, is what you got if you face the issue
Convolutions, are what you get when you try to see straight

Having difficulty
With what we seek and what we don't want
Wanting instantly
What we think just lies behind

Think to try again
You may not get another chance
What's to lose and what's to gain
To know and to love and to love and to dance

Round & Round

I thought I was up and I thought I was down
But all I did was go round and round
You're too clever for me, as you can see
As all I do is go round and round

I know what you're bound to say
I can see myself going round and round
Please excuse me, is this the way to meet me?
As I all I see is going round and round
All I see is going round and round

Si Tu Attends

La dernière fois [The last time]
Les matins obscurs [The obscure morning]
L'ombre des regrets [The shadow of regrets]
Kidnappant le remord [Kidnapping the remorse]

La dernière fois [The last time]
Puis la guerre [Then the war]
En gommant nos regards [Erasing our looks]
A noyé la volonté [The drowned will]

La dernière fois [The last time]
Au Revoir [Good-bye]
Sans larmes Adieu [Without tears good-bye]
Je te dis Adieu [I tell you good-bye]

Mais avec toi [But with you]
Nous trouverons [We find]
L'étoille de mer [The starfish]
Au coeur d'or [With a golden heart]

Si tu attends, attends, attends [If you wait, wait, wait]
Si tu attends, ... [If you wait]

Loin devant nous [Far in front of us]
Ces coeurs d'argent [These hearts of money]
Il fut un temps [There was a time]
Je ne vois plus [I no longer see]

Nous cherchons [We're looking for]
Ces cactus tendres [These tender]
Et innocentes [And innocent cacti]
Loin devant nous [Far in front of us]

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