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I guess when I started looking I knew what I would find
Did you think that I was stupid? Did you think that I was blind?
I've been watching very closely, I've been watching for some time
I saw her lead you to the shadows, saw him take you from behind

Please don't bother to deny it—I've seen it clearly in my mind
Three figures in the shadows beneath the neon sign

The road to ruin is paved with gold
It's beaten, it's twisted, it's stretched and rolled
The greatest story ever told
It captives both young and old
At every turn, the plot unfolds
Challenging all that you hold dear

How High is is

Caught in a blizzard of small white lies
Fast forward driven snow filled skies
Belief is frozen, you're paralysed
Spent, broken, you realise
Add some plus, take away
Divide, repay

Course is hidden
Black ice eyes
Too quick to promise
So many lies
Internal action
Divisions arise
Too late, lost
You realise
Add some plus, take away
Divide , repay

How high is the risk you're running?
How high is the risk you run and run?
You run
How high is is?

Icon Of I Can

If you're driving at speed through the night in your car
Or having the last in a late local bar
Please pause for a moment, remember a star
A Hollywood queen, named Hedy Lamarr

She and a composer name of George Anthil
Divised radio guidance for torpedoes/missiles
The signal was random
Hopping the dial
Split second transmissions
Disguising its file

Icon of I can
What a woman
Icon of I can
What a man

First shunned by the Navy
'Til the Cuban Blockade
Anti-jamming applications
In the secrecy trade
In a satellite culture
Communications relayed
Disguised by the invention
Of that glamorous babe
That's Hedy, Hedy Lamarr

Icon of I can
What a woman
Icon of I can
What a man

Extra Zero [0]

Zero, zero, zero tolerance
If you go away don't take my heart
The cornflakes have returned North


I was admitted then committed to a place of no belief
I was forgiven by the living and from further regret was saved

It was spring

Found you at the window
A full fraction off the floor
Still, no longer swinging
That was it for what it's worth

It was spring
My head was ringing
The earth gave up its secrets grave

Name remembered longer than the body or your face
Out of it into the endless, leaving buts and empty space

N. E. W. S.

First off from the Firth of Forth
Pick up speed, I'm heading north
Haunted by a stalking beast
I dust my trail and head out east

I only did what I thought best
I pack a piece and head out west
Intravenous, nil by mouth
Heading for the warmer south

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