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Experimental dream
Electronic fix
I'm saving up my youth
Remember what to say
Impediments ahead
[Awaiting?] for return

What comes to mind this time
I've done it all but still
The picture's past recall
Something overlooked
A necessary stage
Exerting on my youth


Forging a face
Quiet but skilled
Spirit awake
I am this work
It's on the list
To do and done

Ruling the streets
Ignoring suspend
Lie low a friend
Stepping behind
Ranging against
Keeping in line

Consciously burns
Falls rank and screams
Straighten the line
Ankle and fit
Surfing again
Paper of mine

Someone transform
Approaching ahead
All beaten one
Hard when it [?]

Cream Puff

You override the sea
You [?] deserve the breeze
Domesticated you
Smoothly passing through
The rare occasion [breath?]
Diversion leads the path
Turn the narrow head
Holds the minor threat

I was asked the last
[?] the past
Continual shining can
While rubbing all the stains
[?] could fits and die
The [?] hide
The idleness involved
This cold is playing [?]


A fortunate meantime
A miniature moment
A violent impact
A righteous encounter
A changing formation
An incoming mission
A vanity project
An improvised sentence
A line of direction
A refinement of tissue
A forbidden sector
A parallel figure
An ill faded image
A bold exposition
An obvious issue
A trench in the tension
A trial construction
A contrary judgement
A clouded emission
An unknown intention
An exiled emotion
A false intrusion
A non-equal warfare
A welfare extension
Our hatreds defeated
A slip from the counter
A damage with [?]
A bringer of [walnuts?]
An abstract compartment
A second of insight

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