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Note from Swim: "These texts are hoovered from the detritus of current day living. Sources range from email spam and the ubiquitous internet to mailshots and magazines. The input is not necessarily arranged to make sense but somehow becomes a communication with the filter off. This communication hovers elusively in a zone between the completely meaningful and the entirely meaningless and is about everything and nothing at the same time. You might think it's poetry, but for Githead it's just 'stuff'."

Fake corpses

Surrogate, starting measures
Vigorous denial, dental records
Empathy, practical dreaming
Fake corpses, sabotage
Freeze dried, fragmentation
Rationed meaning, crazy paving
Ellipses, ghosts of nonsense
Tabloid tigers, badinage

Could you ever mean it?
Would we quite believe it?
Will it ever be the same?
Is the plot deceiving?
Are you tired of thieving?
Will it ever be the same?

Destabilised, apologetic
Sublime cordial, synthetic
Provocative, playback payback
Geometric, alphabet
Rescue bin, deconstruction
Bridgewater, unique seduction
Leatherneck pumpkin, logging, log-on
Discreet snogging, jogging business

To Have and To Hold

To have and to hold
Publicly funded
Registration, collection
Curation, reception

Her beautiful paper falls
Her daughter's car arrives
The wider view
A well-crafted stare

To have and to hold
Sandwich selection
Critic confirmation
Architectural provision

Her golden magazine smiles
Her daughter's clock is thinking
Now visual culture
Prepares for a fight

To have and to hold
Any given green book
Showing its value
In short discussion

Her soft carpet sleeps
Her daughter's bluish bottle
Detached and returned
In public and in private

Craft is Dead

The transition is over—craft is dead
Travel is personal; arrival is still circular
Invention is airtight—prevention is crucial
Is this the final emotion, or are we still being created?

Is it too minimal? Is it quite enough?
Is it everywhere? Is it everything?
Is my style? Is it your style?
Is it stupid? Does it matter?

Ejection is automatic: elevated and enlarged
Plagiarism, the perfect gift—is it easy with our help?
Reception is capital: politics, persuasion
Money is a liquid—power from a vacuum


Profile one: an almost letter
Profile two: apoint erased
Profile three: you did it better
Profile four

Profile five: a count remembered
Profile six: remember when?
Profile seven: a point dismembered
Profile eight

Profile nine: a double vision
Profile ten: the point you made
Profile eleven: a decision
Profile twelve

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