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He Said



Grass doesn't grow on busy streets
A tumbleweed turns, beats a retreat
Breathe some life into this place
Pump fresh blood through these hardening veins
Pump pump pump pump

Let us all (let's) exercise out hearts
Thump thump thump thump

Is it the prizes, the surprises, the supervision you crave?
Is it the iris or the iris or the Irish you slave?
Is it the voice or the choice or the boys or the girls?
Is this the start or the finish or my place in the queue?
Who, what, which keeps you there?

Shapes to Escape

Double vision and the balancing act
Say goodbye to his price
They wouldn't battle, yet there is a war
[When they find her caught in the lights?]

[Don't be obstruction?], I can't go straight
She laughs sustain in hand?
The dying dog and [matters of fraction?], torch the [?] and shapes to escape
Nothing to do and not to say, the fading fortune [and life of a chicken?]

Double vision and the balancing act
[Dance upon a part that is black?]
[I throw on the pile on man?]
[Dance to the rhythm of the grass?]

[Another one handles the force?]
[He knows it's wise better to?]
[It's part of the kitchen, books is books?]
[As he dresses up with the chicken?]

Double vision and the balancing act
[Right upon a crystal of case?]
In the three-ring circus tent of
Juggling and [?]

Kidnap Yourself

Warp [scorch with pipes and pickle?]
Armed with heads and rifles cycle
Have to train by brain surgeon
Which wounds scars see
Cut cars cuts cars
[Face the same cyclers?]

Make march and madness beckons
Come on, reach for the switch
Come on, kidnap yourself
I believe
It's starting to show

Count steps in leg irons
[Who reigns big flies?]
Ground traps cruel snaps
[Ours float across and pistol down?]
Knee twist [with neck ID's?]
Birth pangs tied hands

The dragon feet peddlers all come within range
This beef? is for all, to keep us in stitches
Flat corners in newsprint, the plight of the nation
Our Swedish sweet handstands [escape to the front page?]

I Fall into your Arms

You come and seem great changing in [summer still grow?]
Mourning the passing of all that
Glad I don't spy rules claiming [disputed souls?]
Are you ready to leave, are you ready to go?

You melt down cold

Are you, authoritative?
Are you, pieces in you arms?
You're a sight for sore eyes, none hair out of place
[For the light in my finger?]
Was it the car or the car which carried you to hell?
On black and white islands

Are you, jumbo dee jumbo dee?
Are you, one more thought and she's damned to hell, many a care that she care to tell?
Follow the leaders, follow the human crime
Catch or touch the angels
And what you believe is what happens when you die
There is no finish

Only One I


Two days are two to remember
To remember who you are
Two days are two to remember
To remember who you are
A smile, a frown, a crack
A little treachery, a little victory
A simple sign, a little sign
So little sign of change

Only one I

No hope your dreams are everything

Two days are two to remember
To remember where you are
Two days are two to remember
To remember where you are
[Free gunnery, free gunnery?]
[Free angrily, free hair-trigger?]
An eyelash flicker, an eyelash flicker
A little sign of love

Com'era Dov'era

To our thirst in the west
Runs a hand from the east
The last to relieve
Is an early guess

Com'era dov'era
Does it feel like the first time?

Am I here
[To claim your bowls?]
I've walked for what seems like miles
Is this a shot in the dark?

Have you the courage
To make it your last?
To become tense?
With a quite smile


[I'm about to learn it?]
[I'm coming and the closer within?]
[Can I feel start, it want to?]
Fall down the bridge and back to shore

If port holes
A marvelous touch
Only [a gentle to?]
Is a relief
A finger [of?]

It leads to

More work than
[It?] need to get around
Closer to you
To feel restored
[And thoughts of a bridge?]
Back to the shore
Parts on hold
And the [road?] leads to
Marvelous touch
Coming [?] over
Years of relief
A finger up points to the sky
Parts on hold
Pilots on board

Do You Mean That?

You said you want to leave
Then you say you have to stay

Do you mean that? You saved the day

You say that you're sad
Then you say you want to play

When the light is dim
And your pulse is dropping
And your head is swinging
And the night is humming
Tears from your eyes
[Make a hole in a row?]

You say it's all the same
And you can't choose
You say you're not to blame
And you can't afford to lose

Pulling 3 Gs

They search in the car
They step from the dark
[In a stretched voiced smile?]
[With vocals apart?]

I'm pulling 3gs
[For what I'm going?]

[I'm smooth as a break?]
Striking the knob
A glimpse of a ring
A hint [of a smile?]

The receiver opened him
The [dolt?] and the mind
To get the rubies
That you left behind

Pale Feet

Pale-footed without one disguise
Heaven protect the worldly wise
On the loneliest night of the year

The beast is tethered, its features weathered
Consumed by the spirits of those who've withered
On the last days the jailer desired

[For though it bait?] and the harvest hate
[The plummets?] arm keeps the furrows straight
On the last days the jailer desired

Stop the post, the coast is clear
This is the man that wise men steer
On the last days the jailer desired

Out in the woods, [barroom?] the traitor
They said it was [bigger that is?] being together
On the last gate the jailer desired
Withered and tethered, wicked [and vain?]
Consumed by the spirits of those who remain
On the last days the jailer desired

To & Fro

To and fro

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