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Cancel Your Order

[Cancel] your order, crossing the border
Change the menu, a different revenue
A glorious change, refining the focus, getting in range
A colourful race without any bars
Improved sanitation certified by the authority
Said by the majority, surprise
All I could do was whistle
All I could do was whistle
I don't know what to say [when? I might?]
[?] where we are
Putting [the bear?] in charge
Casting dirt of the [?]
[?] first time
Series off good some surprise [laid-out rules of mine?]
Alpine, ein swei drei vier [German 1-2-3-4]
Clear out the road, [they got the latest paper?]
They know, they moved out, in my heart, in my mouth
Watch TV?, radio in control, modern society?
[Pay your rent?], [clean in the air tree?]
[Fighting wars?] cut across the sky
Six-foot wingspan
Yes, [I didn't know?]
Live up in trees and mistletoe
There they find, lost forty men
And they found gasoline
[They should prepare?]
On and on like that background

Cruel When Complete

Pretty around the mouth
The whispers grow into a silent shout
Movement by the hound
The one-armed man walks on the man-made sand
The grey lights slide
The continental colours glamour glide
Travels with hatted men
Apple mountains mark the journey's end
Cruel when complete
Beauty is an isle where both shores meet
Praised and ready-made
Magnets in the hectic lolly in the grave

And then...

The head of priests say their prayers, sing their psalms, and wave their charms
They save their souls, they sell their fears, they grow their beards, and shave their heads

And then we all
Try to make up our minds

Keeps shoving those double-thick slices of electric salad down my throat
Stop slipping those thinly spread buttered salmon sandwiches into my suit

Rolling upon my Day

Rolling upon my day
With weakness in my vision
The separate event
The growing up to reason
Convinces me that
Something very special
Something rather fine
Something all together
Is totally divine
I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
I feel it in my breakfast
And even in my clothes
I feel it in my sofa
I feel it in my chair
I feel it in my toothbrush
And sometimes
Sometimes in my hair
Sometimes in my hair

Say Again

On the third week
Turn the lights off after I left
Feeling the strain
Just as he had to get [without wine?]
A new generation has in control?
As formed by God
[Foreign-body God?]
It's my fault, what can I say?
That's my new [disposition?]
Feeling strained, but supporting
Backing your instinct
[? the secretary ? actual ?]
[Through?] causes
Among that
Psychiatric assistant
[?] is not evidence
Feeling the strain
An innocent bystander
Relaxing in the bath
In the case of fire, [my body has died?]
We love surface
Irregular and the phone?
Say again?
What did you say
Say again?
And the phone?
[They amount to that discover?]
[My father's quite close to him?]
Germany, ah yes
Not, no
So to, they're hunted
Innocent bystander
I'd just like to say
Right on
It's on my cartoons?


A half-warm kiss

Linasixup roll along in anger
Head around so I did drop in
You were always the first woman to start rowing

Just after a single photograph
[He's half-can?]
[Man in ?]
Spare [some ?]

Now forget about this


Jaws move, skin shine, snow suit, how many, slipstream, looks up, on some beach, where the waves break, love is a cold find, love lie, leave accounts with me, grey, best wonder of man and madam, carries on, an offer, an act of kindness, thus is by, white shirts, guided by the light, this one can be made, near madness, carries on, jaws move, skin shine, snow suit, how many, slipstream, looks up, on some beach, where the waves break, love is a cold find, and the gas they bring, miss smart in math in math, carries on, jaws move, skin shine, snow suit, how many, slipstream, looks up...


Oh poor guy
Crazy guy
Won't cry
It's hard to pretend
That they're madmen

Anybody touch these f——ing bags,
I'll cut their f——ing head off with a f——ing axe!
I'll f——ing piss on it!

The Red Tent 1 & 2

It's started

Snow on canvas and cold out of doors
The red tent [blazed like a slow?]

Wind that blinds so far from home
The red tent [sits like a wood?]

Madness, murder, and freezing to death
The red tent burns like a tongue

Ice and rope and frozen sheets
The red tent flaps like a wing

The dog is starving and far to the deer
The red tent sings like a choir

Quiet, the breath is crystal-clear
The red tent is our... tomb

Long Lost Life

Every box we know, every dying cell
Every broken vein has a tale to tell

His body shrieks, his colour goes
Water trickles where blood used to flow

Will he reach Nirvana? He examines his years
And slowly the long lost life appears

Memories correct for a lost soul
He was slow enough to pass through an endless life

There's a black shape growing inside
There's a black shape growing inside

Inside, there's a black shape growing inside
Outside, there's a white shape dying outside


Second tape, the murmur falls, eyes drop, no words
Six steps out of breath, altitude takes its toll
Twelve hours out of sight, face up, long nails
Out of breath, altitude takes its toll
Second tape, twelve hours, six steps out of breath
Face up
Eyes drop, no words, long nails, face up

Ritual View

You took the veil in through a crowd
Your rich address is not allowed

Now you see it's all come true
The diamond gate keeps the fire out
The heart within is filled with doubt

Make your path and tensions drawn there
The tracks you leave are already worn and

Fortune filled your Chinese cup in
Whispered golden promised luck

Salmon spread on eggshell blue
Graphite marks battle and feud

Egyptian hospital dissections buyer
Dotted line across the sky

Cut of fillets pride
Twenty-four hours, time after time
Crushing the kernel, extracting the oil

Cover artwork