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Document and Eyewitness

Ally in Exile

An ally in exile
Receives no welcome despite
When he's already in trouble
Unable to relax
He recognizes the cipher
Quickly resolves the code
The contents of the message
State area and road

It was as he'd feared
His cover's been blown
The extent of the network
Is now overgrown
Overgrown the apparatus
For such an unwelcome event
In communicado
The last word is sent

You don't have resistance
You tell them still
He awaits the arrival
He awaits the kill
Resistance is futile
On arrival they kill
He awaits the arrival
On arrival they kill

He breaks down in this theatre
But he hopes not under these lights
Specifically those
With cold strategic insights
By the best of good fortune
He has provisions in store
He doubles the trebles
The lock's on his door


Relationship, meet a darling
Conversation it's rather still
Inspiration is extinguished
Conversation moves far ahead

Extra extension
Involves a meeting
An accident
High potential
Reach for the stars
Popular stores
After attention
Two still breathing
He kept sailing

Resulting action
Occurs at five o'clock
My love has withered
This one's quite low
I don't feel much
I don't feel at all
I've been searching for comparisons
And I'm tired of that way

I've been researching a Parisian
It kept me busy today
Tomorrow I'll study Europe
I'll mix with the world

Underwater Experiences

I bet your underwater experience(s) came in handy
When you bit the hand that offered candy
And (which) flashed the smile that sank the ship
And reached the post before the pip
While silent green does still refract
To beat (bend) the mind and burn (hide) the facts

I bet you never learned that you had a track for the vertigo (I knew you head for heights but still responsible for the vertigo)
Well I was far too willing to go slow
Launching into attractive space
Falling from that pure state of grace
Turning to me, bisect (Prefer to be the same)
To free my mind but (and) break my neck

Witness to the Fact

[tabulated by]

[C5 F#5 C5]
[C5 F#5 C5 A#5]

Feeling the strain
But supporting the action
One-legged surveillance
And discover the storm
Playing in the shadows
The measuring the dead
He catches a mortal
He failed to regret


Living bones
There's still false evidence
Under the photo
And discover the storm
Probing in the shadows
Measuring the dead
He catches a mortal
He's bound to regret

Banning your instincts
But slow to react
An innocent bystander
Was witness to the fact


Wisdom hangs uneasily
Upon the long man
His look is straighter than most
His affection lost almost
Most he doesn't care for

C'est la vie
[Reba reba?]
Amoeba amoeba
Oh staunch believer

Five out of ten without grounds
Would dismiss him
As unfriendly and quiet
It's just another example
Of what made him
Careless for most

12XU (fragment)

Thank you, thank you. Hey, what could you say? Wild. That last, that last... I know. Thanks, thanks. That's fine. It was good, eh? I don't know what else you can say. ["Fat c*nt!"] You can say that as well. That last number was called—it was a new number—5 out of 10. Thank you, thank you. What can you do? You know, looking around me, I think, uh... One of the things is that... I, I know... But one of the things I know you've been waiting for, and I certainly fucking have, is my request box. And I wanna hear 12XU! Here it is, a little number called 12XU!

I don't need to go to the artic to know it's cold.

Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming those Guitars)

[tabulated by]



[B A G]

Oh, retract retract
To an area filled with me

Keep strumming those fucking guitars!

We Meet Under Tables

Of our own volition
Like cell division
Only one part smaller
The other is greater
It speaks and we marvel
We cluster around
As we see its position
Tales to tell children

Like what to say, where to go, who to know

We're blind to the event
We take our places
A trio or duet
We meet under tables
We speak in short sentences
Derive any meaning
From any more statements



Eastern Standard

The doldrums... Bombay, Australia. I know. This next song, this next song's about a little place here. Time... eastern standard.

In about one second
It's difficult to be precise
A click, a flash of something exploding
Will maybe cause you to turn a hair
Or possibly a follicle

In 3.87 seconds
Correct to three decimal places
A follicle with a will to be unhinged
Maybe to take up a career in landscape gardening
Or pursue a career in African music

In ten or fifteen years
Consider the follicle's folly
When he was gadding, or Baghdad-ing?
In Calcutta

He was unlucky enough to
Join us all
When we all got wet

Eels Sang Lino

Robin's bed is thin
Chris is thought to be its designer
Made us red but the first bin liner
How-dee-doodle and eels sang lino

Old pagan head come and work in here
And our kid was thought to be in west China
Are you blind? I saw a twinky
How-dee-doodle and eels sang lino

No stinking floodlands Ian
Playing Cupid around an angina
Are you blind? I saw a twinky
How-dee-doodle and eels sang lino

A pair of [steward rangers/Stewart Grangers?]
And they brought back the old-timer
Strip-tease and long insider
How-dee-doodle and eels sang lino

This moment's all in red
Barbarite songs in Asia Minor
Sweets and the pie
How-dee-doodle and eels sang lino

Revealing Trade Secrets

Half of it's beneath the sand
Where the rabbits eat is where the camel laughs
Blood and that is understood

A fish full of boxes after foxes

Under [locality?] to camera shot
The camera's reporting
The turf, the draft

Shoot sharp, expose her
Motion picture, motion picture
Full length, full length
Panoramic feature

And Then...

The head of priests say their prayers, sing their psalms, and wave their charms
They save their souls, they sell their fears, they grow their beards, and shave their heads

And then we all
Try to make up our minds

Keeps shoving those double-thick slices of electric salad down my throat
Stop slipping those thinly spread buttered salmon sandwiches into my suit

Our Swimmer

Displaying an interest in forward propulsion
Our swimmer glides (moves) with no actual motion
The stroke he's using needs timing and skill
The effect is graceful, but the progress is nil

Neither backwards nor sideways, it's part of the thrill
The element he performs in is perfectly still
No problems with friction, it's easy for him
It is what he was born to, to swim and to swim

He turned head on tail, tail on head
He thinks that the cycle will get him ahead
No [lame this state?] becomes alarming
Progress expected, not forthcoming
The effect is graceful, but the progress is nil
It is what he was born to, to swim and to swim

Midnight Bahnhof Cafe

Objects which merge in the dark
Voices with a peculiar ring
Silhouettes with electric random
While skin diseases itch for tomorrow
A second visit brings confidence
And a cigarette adds security
Midnight railway cafe
Midnight Bahnhof cafe

A deterioration in the weather
Casting facets, I have the photograph
A full program, missing persons' bureau
All of the night, there's empty biros
Batten the hatches, tie down the cargo
Feeling the edge of my tongue
That's Europe at night time

Midnight railway cafe
Midnight Bahnhof cafe

Whistle softly for school admission
Speak slowly, re-evaluate my fears
Walking the same corridors as before
The passageway ahead is very clear
The carpet luscious, the plot has thickened

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