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Colin Newman

Commercial Suicide

Their Terrain

Here we are another fine decision
Not understood or even heard
From afar the logic may seem twisted
Another struggle with those words

There they went, it's a shame
On the scent of their terrain (change)

In the balance another fine decision
Yet weighted mainly by fate
Is there sense to rearrange derision
Or yet more platitudes to grate?

After this, what next could be a question?
Build the megalith again
As for history we may be on a winner
Or the chorus, it's a shame


Incidentally it works so easily
A matter of what restrains, a matter of what delays
Everything which changes time, all things which move in lines
In between this it comes so quickly
A motion of those gears, the boredom and the fears
That all things are constrained by, all things which live or die

And yet it seems so easy
Anything is possible, it's a matter of decision
Of all things which change in time, and all things which move in lines
The safest choice may not be the wisest, but who is to judge in this?
Who can decide, who can know best?
And all things must function under the constraints of what went before

So let's dance and forget who we think we are
Let's romance and find out who we really are
And all things that function under the constraints of what went before
May not be the only possibilities, there's always a chance
Of something new, of something that hasn't happened
In a long time, in a long time


Rehash, swish crash, call me names but don't get cheeky
Have your games but don't include me
Abberate masturbate, do it all but don't complain
Have your fun but leave me out

Oh the sprain, you've broken the spine again
Fixed the fractured shards, empty the bath again

Deaf and mute, it's a hoot, call my bluff but please don't stroke me
Have your dreams but that's not me
Incubate, lacerate, fester meekly as you're sleeping
Play your part but don't bother me

Abrogate, prevaricate, call me up but keep your distance
Honesty is such a virtue
Take your time, the chance declines
Be another social zombie, in the end you don't get me

But I...

Some do and some don't
Please don't argue, please don't question
Some will and some won't
But I have waited for so long and

I can't be sure if what happens is good or bad
I'm not sure if I'm going mad for you
This has taken so much time up
Looking here and looking there
But I, oh I...

Some can and some can't
Is there someone I can't refute?
Some try and some won't
But I have waited for so long and

[Spoken ad libidum till the music runs out, one gathers that the artist has been waiting for something and we wonder if it was a 71 bus!]

Commercial Suicide

Each phase has opened a door somewhere inside me
And I can only comprehend very slightly
Oh maybe

Each phase could give me more it all delights me
And I can only wish to touch very lightly
Oh maybe

I'm Still Here

Prevent an opening
If the consequence is that nothing is gained
A smug indifference, the bland informants
It's not alright by me

Differences remain the same
The game is lost in one fell swoop
Of nothing consequential in time
But I'm still here waiting for mercy

Intent on maintaining the status without meaning
I guess that something's not right
The arbitration of this elation is such that
I am sad

Feigned Hearing

I've heard it all before
I don't speak out this way
What you cannot ignore
There always is a price to pay

If you should speak
If you should make a sound
If you should even step away

There's never any time
It all was over yesterday
The tragedy and mime (of mine?)
Only causes more delay

The arbiter of fate
Deciding who is just or not
Always comes too late
Looking for what he forgot

Can I Explain the Delay?

Emotions, emotions
What do you feel now?

It's been such a long time
How can I explain the delay?
Oh but I crave your intimacy
I always trust implicitly
How can you know if I'm speaking the truth or not?
Can I keep you guessing?

And I always build fences
But sometimes not high enough
In theory there's always problems problems
In practice there are only to be dealt with
How can you know if I'm speaking the truth or not?
Can I keep you guessing?

I always demand fidelity
Preferring not to court catastrophe
Honesty is always more simple in the long run
How can you know if I'm speaking the truth or not?
Do I have to do it this way?

I Can Hear Your...

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[A G E]



In extremis act superb
The nonchalance and verve
Relentless, undaunted return
We meet not in defeat

I can hear your
Your heartbeat

Not according to the plan
Not quite where we began
I have this desire to return
And so
Not listening

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