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He Said Omala

Catch Supposes


Down in the basement
Cassandra split hairs
Personal treatment
Internal affairs
Security replaces
Doubt in the eyes
Fingers are pointed
Prepare for surprise
Into the silence
Scream all the way
VCR's frozen
For action replays
Screening most nights
Memory trick plays
A life in the balance
How much does it weigh?
Someone is falling
Was it something you said?
Someone is falling
Was it something you said?

Sea Horse Trading

Glory carpets red with ruthless
Guarantee morphine drone dregs
Checkpoint Charlies matching visions
Marching crosses stride for stride
Enterprising sell unlikely
Monkey fraud electric eyed
Sea-horse trading in a prison
Catch supposes side by side
Memory weak no quarter given
Promo packs of judgement dyes
Never know what right is doing
Receptors starved dry guide divides
Fry in combat lie encrusted
Try a peep-hold compromise
Sore holed mighty sentence killer
Choking big cheese calcifies
I feel your greed
I feel your envy
Such green-eyed pain
How will you betray me?
Never know what right is doing
Try a peep-holed compromise

An Itch

Just close your eyes
You're almost there
I am true
And you are rare
Rare, rare
You really care
Rare, rare
You really care
I had a dream
And it came true
To turn it on
To be with you
You, you
Me and you
You, you
Me and you
I had a wish
I press the switch
I turn it on
I make you rich
An itch
To press the switch
To turn it on
To make you rich
Rich, rich
Rich, rich
Rich, rich
Extremely rich
Is this a blessing
A gift or curse

Solid or Vanish

In a vision
To telescope
A ceiling with too little rope
Up there where
The air is thin
The atmosphere
Begins to swing
To take a swerve
A shape to shine
Where all that's yours
Is mine to mine
Where squid ink soaks
The open page
Conceals the white
Reveals the fake
There light falls up
On a front
I'm turning outside
In a stunt

Post Code Orange

The mission's requirements
Were specific and tight
A low cloud cover
On a moonlit night
The pressure increased
As the mercury fell
As the hour drew near
I grew into my shell
Twenty-nine minutes
Of an unearthly glow
As oil met gravel
As rubber met road
Seeding death lattice
Crystal-packed mail
Post code orange
How could it fail?
Post code orange
How could it fail?
Internal errors
A power surge spike
Emergency lighting
Pile-up on the pike
The bridge was closed
The lines were down
All was quiet as I drove into town
I topped the albino
In the buffalo lodge
Concealed body armour
I was up to that dodge
Contraband victims
The guardian's plants
The only survivors
An army of ants

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