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Newsletter 3.8

September, 2001


Hello and welcome to another newsletter. Again, it's not so action packed, but there are at least some forthcoming changes to report.


With the imminent closure of the Wire Mail Order website in the middle of November there are also going to be some changes to the Wireviews website. The immediate changes is that the current editor and grand master of the Wireviews site, Craig Grannell, is to hand over the editorial control of the news page to Kevin S. Eden. In this way Craig can devote his time and energies to revamping the site for a new look later in the year.

The next Wireviews update (planned for November) will include a WMO area that will contain the merchandise list, newsletter archives and other information that was contained on the Wire Mail Order site. Further developments and additions to the Wireviews site will be announced shortly.

Edvard Graham Lewis

Graham played at the Norberg festival on July 27. He described the piece earlier in the year to us: "It will be a conceptual piece in which we shall travel from heaven, through the universe, the sky, and via the Norberg mine tower to Earth, through that via the Norberg mine shaft, to the centre and onward to come out of the other side on Roy Plumley's island (probably somewhere in the Pacific). This usually takes a lifetime, but for the convenience of those attending, reality will be telescoped into a little over an hour."

Graham is also confirmed at Atomic Event II which will occur on November 18 in the hall containing the particle accelerator of the Svedberg laboratory during popular science week in Sweden.

As part of an open day for the public there will be a series of 40-minute tours of the Svedberg facility, including a 20-minute performance Atomic II which is a collaboration between the Su-en Butoh company, Edvard Graham Lewis (soundtrack) and Richard Sprong (video). Tours commence at 14:00 and at 40-minute intervals after that until the final one at 17:20. There will be a reception afterwards at 19:30.

This is the second event at the Svedberg; the first was an installation of predominantly ambient qualities. Graham says that, "the second will be, lets say, a little more operatic in both content and scale!"


The new Symptoms album, Apathy, should now be in the shops and a very good release it is too. Also due out soon is the Swim Team 2 compilation. The track listing for this is:

Silo: Root; Toucaen: Lecci on the Grande Jatte; Host: In Suspension; Bumpy: Bumpy on the Beach; Colin Newman: Tsunami (edit); Silo: Prime Movers (boss remix); Immersion/Flying Saucer Attack: Even Further; Lobe: November (edit); Dictaphone: Esc. Meetings; Symptoms: Stale Air on a City Morning (edit); Malka Spigel: Antimatter; Beatkitten: Bored?; Colin Newman: Time Will Allow; Silo: Prime Movers (edit); Bumpy: Blokey; Immersion: 2mstens; Frederik Ammitboll: Copy; Symptoms: Rose; Immersion: Outro.


As mentioned above, the closure of the WMO site in November means there will be a change of location for all mail order. This will be dealt with directly by WMO in the UK. Details of ordering will be contained on the Wireviews site as of November 2001. All distribution for the world will be dealt with by WMO in the UK and by Cargo Records.

Reading and listening corner

As part of a widening of the WMO/Wireviews newsletter we have attempted to open it up area by asking members of Wire what they themselves have been reading, listening to, or watching that could be of interest to others.

First up, Graham offered this:

Did you read the Oscid Opening Sweep review in the Sound Projector? This month's The Wire with a Swedish/Hausswollf edition. CD/Venice/the gits reviews and feature. Possible plug for the Rune Lindbland Fireworks CD. I must whole heartedly recommend The Cold Six Thousand by James Ellroy. American Tabloid was brilliant and Ellroy fulfills his claims that he writes only better and better.

Colin sent us this lengthy item:

Major news is of course that is now online. The forum now works so messages and queries can be posted. Here is the intro I wrote for the site: "Welcome to posteverything. This site is now operational. Posteverything is a community of like-minded souls who share a common interest in music beyond genre boundary restrictions. Here you will find work from artists from a hand-picked roster of labels who delight in confounding expectation; who are as happy to have their work described as 'beautiful' as they are to have it described as 'experimental'; who are as 'modernist' as they are 'postmodernist' as they are, well... posteverything.

Not only can you read about all this stuff but you can also listen to it and, if you like it, buy. So we are a shop as well as a radio station and a forum. Through the mail order aspect, we aim to make available what is hard to get by conventional distribution and at reasonable prices. And if that is not enough we have a guaranteed 1 CD/1 pound postage rate for the entire world. Please enjoy this site. We will be gradually adding labels over the coming months so check back often.

If you find any bugs or inconsistencies please do not hesitate to contact us through the feedback pages. Thank you for your patience.

On the front of the site you will also find mention of the other news for this autumn being Swim Team 2 [see above for track listing—Ed] which should be available for mail order (i.e. we'll have finished copies) soon. In our opinion it's a really great compilation (better than the first one[!])—lots of new tracks and a bunch of new artists!

Here's a bit of random b******s I wrote by way of a vague 'what we've been listening to'thingy:

Stuff that's been on and off the Swim stereo and in the car this summer
People have lot's of reasons for doing charts—usually to prove how cool/obscure they are or to big up their mates (or their own labels :) There is an inevitability that a lot of our listening has been around putting together Swim Team 2; although Julia Kussius (Swim .de) actually puts the compilations together, there has be a lot of frantic listening to, and in some cases actual making of, tracks going on. However in-between we managed to take in a few things by other people! First of all the absolute track of this summer has to the Jackknife Lee bootleg remix of Missy's Get 'yer Frick on. It is absolutely nothing like the original and rocks! Right now I still don't think it's been released but XFM has been hammering it like crazy. While on the 3rd millennium punkrock tip— albeit, more than a bit retro(!)—we thoroughly enjoyed rocking to Hard to Explain by The Strokes and Kickin' Back by Beach Buggy. On the more contemplative side -1 by Gel: on the French artefact label combines arythmicity (if such a word exists) with a very cool harmonicism. In a similar mode is Electric Birds by Panorama on the Deluxe label (out of Seattle). Also very cool is the new Fridge Happiness on their own Text label (which just happens to be distributed by posteverything). On the more radical edge there is a compilation called Particles 1 on the Genuine Particle CDR label out of Brooklyn. Absolute least favourite group of the moment has to be Muse...

Kevin Eden

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