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Newsletter 2.9

September, 1999


Hello and welcome to the last Newsletter on the WMO website. Important news about WMO and the future location of the Newsletter below and attached.


Another Touch compilation, Antitrade, marks Bruce's first output this year with a track called The Book. The initial sounds were offered to him by Daniel Menche and Bruce then constructed his piece from the sound sources.

He also provided samples for the new Simon Fisher Turner album Oh Venus, out now on Mute. Bruce makes a live appearance at London's ICA on 25th September as part of their Nervous Systems season.


Hox and Ocsid finally appeared in August after some delays and are available via Cargo or WMO.

Graham has also created a remix for Touch for a forthcoming Chris Watson CD, and despite rumours to the contrary Graham does not appear on the new Russell Mills album released by Bella Union. Very fine though it is.


Colin and Malka played the following dates as part of a mini US tour in August:
Th 12 Philadelphia—The Khyber
Sa 14 NYC—The Knitting Factory
Tu 17 Boston—The Middle East
Th 19 Halifax—The Marquee
Fr 20 Toronto—Lees Palace

The Low Impact CD is now out and of this Swim state:

"Malka and Colin are no longer interested in producing items for the dance floor and there is a sense that Immersion has to find a way to return to its roots; to reacquire a meaning for the next Millennium. Just as the first album was a distorting mirror on the techno of its time, re-fashioning it through the lens of submergence and 2nd Immersion encompassed every dance floor rhythmic style, reflecting the distortions of those back in crystalline clarity, then the new album reflects the beat-less boundaries where style becomes immaterial. A music of immense proportion, yet keen subtlety, which desires to envelop and subvert all of the listeners preconceptions. Immersion is re-born."

There should be two versions of Low Impact available this autumn. The album will be released as a 2CD pack for the price of a single album. The second CD will contain six previously unheard Immersion rarities and pieces of interest. Later in the autumn, we should see the release of a box-set which will contain Low Impact, Oscillating, and an Immersion video. Little is known about this project at present, particularly the video element. More news as and when!

Also coming soon from Swim are the first two releases by Symptoms. A 7" is out now and a full album will be released early autumn.

Rumours of a new Colin Newman album in the making. The release date is still not confirmed (likely early 2000) but it may surprise quite a few of you, most notably as this is one album that is going to rock!


EMI celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Harvest Records with a 5CD box set called Harvest Festival. Wire get 4 tracks; Reuters, I Should Have Known Better, A Touching Display, I Am The Fly as well as the re-release (again!) of 154 at budget price along with Kevin Ayres classic Whatevershebringwesing and others.

Mike Thorne's excellent website now includes its own Wire pages with details of Mikes involvement with all three Wire albums and the Live at The Roxy album. Also featured is a new interview with Bruce along with other amusing and interesting anecdotes. The shortcut is:

Even better news is that Wire have been invited to curate an evening of entertainment at London's Royal Festival Hall on Saturday 30th October 1999. Other confirmed artists on the bill are Duet Emmo (Bruce, Graham and Daniel Miller), Michael Clark/Dome, Colin and Malka and Graham Lewis (with Andreas Karperyd, Susan Stenger and Robert Poss). Other surprise guests are planned.

Wire will be performing both old and new material. No further dates are in the pipeline. To quote Bruce, "We are taking the old banger out for a run round the block."


Domes Ycelpt is released this month and WMO is to begin the slow process of winding down operations.... Full statement attached.


As stated above the Newsletter will be moving location with effect from December (the next one). It will still be available by post on request, but the new web location is at the Wireviews site:

A more detailed statement of WMO's future plans is attached.

This newsletter ©1999 WMO Limited.

WMO—The future...

With the release of Domes Yclept WMO is to begin the slow process of winding down operations. All outstanding releases, bar one, have been shelved and may not appear at all. [See below]

When WMO was founded in 1994 we knew that we had a limited repertoire of releases and a finite period in which to operate. Five years on we feel we have achieved what we set out to do. However, the past two years in particular have been very tough.

Following the release of Wire Coatings in October 1997 our UK distributor, Vital, bought out its biggest rival RTM and in the consolidation of their business a number of labels were dropped from their roster. WMO (and Swim) were victims. Distribution also fell through in the United States shortly afterwards.

The period following these crises WMO managed to regain distribution with Cargo in the UK and World Music Distribution in the US and release P'o and Dugga in October 1998.

Since then our financial position has not improved and with the release of the Dome CD we have decided to draw a line on any future activities. Distribution for the world will be covered by Cargo UK.

The past four years have been extremely enjoyable, frustrating, annoying but above all fulfilling. We are extremely proud of what has been achieved, despite the setbacks, and although future planned releases may not now appear we are still going to be around for some time yet. Down but not out.

Needless to say we would like to thank all who phoned, faxed, emailed, cajoled—but perhaps most importantly—purchased something direct. Thanks for the support.

We would like to thank the following who, over the years, have provided help and support:
Messrs Gilbert, Gotobed, Lewis and Newman: without whom... Iain Adam; Denis Blackham; Michael Bull; Bill Dolan @ Cargo; Dave Coppenhall; Jim DeRogatis; Mark Gage; Craig Grannell @ Wireviews; Simon Gutteridge; Stephen Harper, Bill Hein; Paul Kendall; Arthur Nalis @ Dutch East; Peter Rehberg @ Mego; Russell Mills; Daggan Stamenkovich and all @ Origin; Mary J. Owen; Didier Pilon @ WMD; Charles Powne; Peter Price; Alicia Rose; Desmond Simmons; Maggi Smith; Malka Spigel; Sharon Street; Andrew and Howard Jacques @ These; David Tidball; Mike Harding & Jon Wozencroft @ Touch; Geraint Jones @ Vital; Andrew Westmeyer @ The Wire Page; Peter Wright; all radio stations and magazines who supported us, all those who Whored and Dugga-d and anybody we forgot!

Kevin S. Eden—WMO UK
Charles K. Snider—WMO US
September 1999

Obviously there are still some unanswered questions:

What will happen to the quarterly Newsletter?
The September 1999 Newsletter will be the last to appear on our website. It will still be available by post on request. From December 1999 the Wire Newsletter and the Newsletter archive will appear on the Wireviews website:

Will I still be able to buy WMO items from September 1999 onwards?
Yes. All titles are available directly from WMO or through your local retailer with the exception of: Lewis/Gilbert and Mills - Pacific/Specific (in a different place)—now deleted. Wire—Coatings—will be deleted in October 2000. The three year licensing deal with Mute and the BBC expires then. All remaining titles will be sold until stocks are exhausted. There will be no repressings.

Will I still be able to buy non-WMO releases from Wire Mail Order?
No. Wire Mail Order (UK) and (US) will continue beyond 31.12.99 but will only stock WMO, Origin and Thousand titles. The website ( will remain for MAIL ORDER ONLY and Credit Card facilities are being made.

What about the WMO titles that haven't been released?

WMO 7CD: Colin Newman—Vox Pop
Colin has stated that his future plans do not include the compiling or re-recording of material for Vox Pop. Should I wish to make this album in the future it will be released, via Swim, as a custom CD-R only.

WMO 10CD: The Ex-Lion Tamers—Flap King
There were no plans to release this. Two Wire tribute CDs are enough for any group.

WMO 12CDR: Michael O'Shea
We have shelved this release. The cost of production etc. is too prohibitive when the sales potential is very small.*

WMO 15CDR: Bruce Gilbert - The Haring 2
A possible contender for future release as a mail-order custom CD-R. Watch this space.

WMO 16CD: gilbertpossstenger—manchesterlondon
Plans for a 2000 release are hopeful. More news as it happens.

WMO 17CDR: Gilbert / Lewis / Mills—MZUI
We have shelved this release. The cost of production etc. is too prohibitive when the sales potential is very small.*

* Anyone who hasn't heard these albums and still wants to should contact WMO directly.