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Newsletter 2.8

June, 1999


Summer's here and the time is right... enough! Hello, and welcome. More, hopefully, interesting news. For those who haven't been able to catch up with The Ideal Copy news page there's one related piece of news that we cant fit below. Mike Thorne, Wire's producer in the 70s, has set up his own label, The Stereo Society. First releases out are by Thorne, Hilly Kristal, The Reds and Johnny Reinhard.


Bruce made two journeys to Austria in early May for the Phonotaktik Festival, and his DJ-ing skills came in useful again for Labradford's Second Festival Of Drifting. Starting in Sheffield on Wednesday 26th May as Drift North before moving to London's Union Chapel on 28th-30th May. The 31st May and 1st June saw them return north for Highland Drifting at the House of Dubois, Edinburgh, before heading to Paris for two days of Drifting Paris on 2nd-3rd June. Full details/line up can be found on: Meanwhile, distribution of The Haring has moved from These Records to Cargo in the UK with immediate effect. ALL WMO stock in the UK is now handled by Cargo.


The Legion of Green Men Floating in Shallow Water and Lobe Hibernation albums are now out. Forthcoming releases are Immersions Low Impact CD and a 7" from Symptoms.

Colin and Malka flew to Tel Aviv, Israel at the end of April to take part in the Next Festival. On 5th June they fly to the Podewill Festival in Berlin. A US tour is being organised for August. Check out the Swim site for more details.

Colin's Hawkwind remix is finished for the Liquid label. Check press for details of release.


Hox and Ocsid are awaiting release pending final pre-sales figures being used to press up stock. As soon as WMO has stock all existing orders will be honoured. Please wait before ordering; we will notify you when they are available!


We are gearing ourselves up for autumn release of Domes TBA CD in September. 11 tracks all previously unreleased, including three new ones recorded this year. gilbertpossstenger manchesterlondon CD will follow in October with 2 lengthy tracks totalling 71 minutes and, hopefully, housed in a digipack.


More news about WMO titles and others in September. Have a great summer.

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