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Newsletter 2.6

December, 1998


Hello and welcome to the final Newsletter of the year. Doesn't time fly! Anyway, eyes down for a rather full Newsletter (for a change).


Bruce has provided interludes for an Iain Sinclair spoken word CD called Downriveravailable from: King Mob, Charterhouse Street, London EC1A priced £9.00. He has also deconstructed the original soundtrack of Chris Petit's film Radio On for a remake of the film which received its UK premiere on 8th November at the 42nd London Film Festival.

A commission from Sinclair/Petit to provide the sound design for a fictional documentary on the life of artist/writer/film-maker etc. Peter Whitehead, called The Falconer, was broadcast by Channel 4 on 24th September 1998.

The Labradford Festival of Drifting, mentioned in the last Newsletter, reached its conclusion on 3rd October with Bang On A Cans excellent interpretation of Brian Eno's Music For Airports. Labradford themselves performed with special guest Bruce Gilbert. Bruce (stood to one side of the stage in semi-darkness) performed live mixing/deconstruction on the last 10 minutes of the groups set.

The Brood returned to performance on 24th October 1998 at The Barbican Centre, London as part of the American Pioneers Festival. Directed by Susan Stenger (Band of Susans, The Creatures) this incarnation included John Tilbury, Gavin Bryars, Bruce Gilbert, Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) and Budgie (The Creatures). They performed John Cages Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, Fontana Mix/Concert For Piano and Orchestra, Ryoanji and Four[MC1] (with choreography by Thea Barnes).

Bruce performed in Cologne at the Arts Media Festival on 31st October and flies to Sweden in December for a three day visit to perform live and work with Graham for the forthcoming Dome CD on WMO.

Work on the final part of the Latin Trilogy has also started. As yet untitled Mute will hopefully release it in 1999. Sahko are now ready to release the Bruce Gilbert/Ron West Frequency Variation LP reported many moons ago. More news on all of these projects when we have it.


The Colin & Malka tour with Ronnie & Clyde went of Swimmingly! We would like to thank Colin for providing us with his tour diary, which is attached. Further live dates are promised for 1999, with a US tour also in the pipeline. A live Colin & Malka CD will be available from Swim by mail order only.

Danish Rockers-rockers Silo have their debut CD, Instar, out now.

Forthcoming new album releases for 1999 are Immersion Low Impact (WM12), Lobe (WM17), and Legion of Green Men Floating In Shallow Water (WM21), plus 12" singles from Ronnie & Clyde and Kidrock (aka Ben Newman). Also available through Swim will be a new g-man CD on the g label.


UK distribution for all Origin titles is now dealt with by Cargo. Origin have two new releases due in the New Year: Ocsid In Between (a collaboration between Graham, C.M. Von Hausswolff and Jean-Louis Huhta) and Hox Itness (another collaboration album, this time with Graham and Andreas Karperyd from Omala).


P'o and Dugga were finally released in November. Our UK distribution for these and all our UK back catalogue (except The Haring) is now dealt with by Cargo. In the US a new deal has been struck with World Music Distribution (WMD).. In January, WMO titles will be exclusively distributed in Canada by Outside Music, located in Toronto. We are currently working on furthering our network in G/A/S and Japan!

We are now concentrating on 1999 releases with Michael O'Shea's eponymous album due first; Dome's, as yet untitled, CD still in construction and Colin Newman's Vox Pop to come. Bruce has also agreed to provide us with The Haring 2; the second installment of his spoken-word series (WMO 15CDL). We have also negotiated the release of the gilbertpoossstenger live recordings from Mute/Blast First (WMO 16CD). Further news on all of these when we have it.


Thanks to all who have written, emailed and sent us support. 1998 has been a very trying year for us but we are now back on track. Best wishes to all for a fruitful and productive 1999.

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