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Newsletter 2.5

September, 1998


Hello and welcome to the Autumn Newsletter. A quietish summer not helped by the summer not helped by the appalling weather (too wet in the UK and too hot in the US!!). Continued efforts to release WMO products are coming to fruition following various frustrations (see below). Bruce, Colin and Graham continue their respective activities.


P'o and Dugga are out on November 3rd, having been pushed back slightly due to manufacturing and distribution problems. For those of you who may forget, the P'o CD is a reissue of the 1983 cult classic on the Court label, featuring Gilbert/Lewis, A.C. Marias, Peter Price and David Tidball. Dugga is our second album of Wire covers, this time everyone doing Drill. The 14 tracks were mixed DJ-style by Mark Gage aka Vapourspace.


The Festival of Drifting continues when Bruce collaborates with the CONET Project at a performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on September 25th. Also on the bill are Labradford, Durutti Column and Pan Sonic. The following statements come from the South Bank magazine:

"A night fit to bursting with the history and future of alternative music. Former stalwarts of Factory Records and instrumental in so much British indie music of the last 15 years, Durutti Column move toward a heavily trance -influenced sound. From Virginia, Labradford have created a soundtrack for our times. Their albums A Stable Preference and Labradford, an electro mix of brooding Krautrock and dark ambience, hailed an important birth. Pan Sonic are the main Artic groovers, re-mixing Bjork, recording an album with Alan Suicide Vega, creating avant-dubadelic electro-shag-fest (?!), and finally, importantly, being the future of music (Independent). Ex-Wire guitarist Bruce Gilbert teams with numerical radio sound experts CONET Project while the audacious minimalism (Q) of Ludovico Einaudis Stanze, sixteen gorgeous (Sunday Times) pieces for harp, is played by Cecilia Chailly."


Malka Spigel's new album My Pet Fish (WM10) is due this month. It features contribution from Mark Gage (Vapourspace), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Charles Snider (WMO US), and Ben Newman.

Due in October is the debut album from Silo entitled Instar. The Rockers-rockers hail from Copenhagen and their debut is a stunning guitar album produced by Colin Newman.

Colin and Malka head out on the road, with Ronnie & Clyde, for a brief tour around the hot spots of Europe.


Ocsid perform in Vienna at the Ars Festival in September.

The He Said Omala remix CD Matching Crosses is receiving a US release from World Domination Recordings on October 12th. It is distributed by ADA.

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