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Newsletter 2.4

June, 1998


Hello, and welcome to the summer Newsletter. Fairly thin, again, but some new stuff to keep everyone happy.


The exhibition of Wire paraphernalia retitled Phorensic Evidence Proves, held at the Workfortheeyetodo Gallery, Charterhouse Street, London from 1St May featured various Wire objects such as the earshirt worn by Colin in the Eardrum Buzz video; original lyric sheets to Go Ahead and others; a pair of Roberts drum-sticks; original polaroids for the Mannequin single sleeve; original Bruce Gilbert artwork for 154; Grahams 1976 diary (!) plus more.

An interview with Bruce and Colin was published in the April/May edition of US magazine Raygun.


Colin has begun writing a monthly column for US magazine i/e starting in their revamped April edition.

Swim releases due soon are Malka Spiqel's new album My Pet Fish in August or September and Pablo's Eye (WM 11) album on June 29th (see below). Silo, a three piece Rock-rock band from Denmark, are working on an album for Swim for possible release later this year, as is label staples Lobe and G-man. Colin was a guest on John Kennedy's XFM show 14th June.

Pablo's Eye—All She Wants Grows Blue

All She Wants Grows Blue is the fourth full-length album by Pablo's Eye, a Belgian-based multimedia group that have been in existence since 1989. The focal point of Pablo's Eye is Axel Libeert, who has recorded disarming music for labels like Extreme, T:me/Em:t, ZTT and his own Celsius Blanco. This is the group's first full album release in the UK.

The album is a musical travelogue; a late night soundscape with a strong narrative element. The lyrics, written by English writer Richard Skinner are mixed low and spoken by Zaïrean Marie Mandi, and add a further cinematic edge to the evocative music.

Reflecting the international flavour of the participants the album was recorded in Brussels, Mechelen, Camberwell and New York. The musicians involved were: Erwin Autrique (mix and co-production), Patrick Hanappier (violin), Axel Libeert (samples and co-production), Marie Mandi (voice), Royo (guitars), Dirk Wachtelaer (drums).


Bruce traveled to Barcelona in June for the annual Solar festival. Bruce also supplies an installation piece for the Museum of Installation who are providing 6 weeks of interventions, installations and performances from 10th June—18th July. Bruce's piece is entitled Moment to Moment everytime it rained a puddle would appear in exactly the same place. The installation consists of sound and (you guessed it) a puddle. Both supplied by Bruce.


Work on the Ocsid album continues. Hopefully plans for release will be made soon. Well keep you Posted. The He Said Omala Matching Crosses remix CD will be released in the US through World Domination/ADA on October 6th.


Both P'o and Dugga releases are planned for this spring/summer release have been delayed due to release schedules by our respective UK/US distributors. We are happy to report that we have scheduled them for release in October! Distribution will be through Kudos in the UK and Europe and ADA in the US. PLEASE do not send any orders for these CDs just yet—we will give you final details in the September Newsletter!


So not much to report, but stay tuned for the September Newsletter when we will have full details on the release of both P'o and Dugga!

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