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Newsletter 2.3

March, 1998


Hello, and welcome to a new Newsletter, a new year and a new UK address, which became effective from 16th February. All correspondence to WMO UK should now be addressed to P'O BOX 112, Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 9FD United Kingdom.


Various Artists Play Drill Dugga Dugga Dugga (WMO 8CD) is next up on the WMO release schedule. The final master has been completed by Mark Gage (aka Vapourspace, Cusp) and contains 14 decidedly electronic renditions of Drill from the following artists: Solex (Matador), Incarnate (aka Legions Of Green Men, Post Contemporary), Rehberg/Bauer/Potuznick (Mego), Malka Spigel (Swim), Electric Company (Island/Supreme/Lohd), Put-Put (These), Lift Laboratories, Baboon, Twinkotherm (Boxman), Phthalocyanine (Plug Research), Chris & Cosey (CTI), Scaredycat, Ibrahim, and, of course, The Ex- Lion Tamers. Our sincere thanks to the other artists who didn't make the cut.

Expect news of an early summer release date once our distribution is sorted. In other news, the P'o album, Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie For Attention (WMO 11CD) has also been mastered and work has begun on the packaging art. Release is still tentative, but moving forward!


Bruce is featured on the new Touch Sampler 3, released in March with a track called Voice. His last release on Mute, In Esse, is available. The limited edition spoken-word CD, The Haring (WMO 5CD) is in short supply. It will not be re-pressed. You have been warned! Bruce is currently working on his next album for Mute. Details when we have them.


Swim distribution has moved from Kudos to Cargo with a new Pablo's Eye CD promised in late April/early May.

Ronnie & Clyde's album, In Glorious Black and Blue, is also to be released on double vinyl at the same time. As part of the Next 100, look for a full page feature in the latest Urb magazine on the duo. Malka's new solo album continues towards completion, with release promised for later this summer. In the meantime, Colin has begun writing a column for the Phoenix-based i/e magazine, aptly entitled Newmanisms. Never at a loss for words, it contains Colin's musings on the current state of music! The magazine, which had a cover feature on Wir a year back (issue 10, available from the mail order) has been resurrected with an electronic bias and is now full-color and distributed nationally.


EGL makes another appearance on yet another Ash International compilation Decay (Ash 3.9), with a track called I Saved M.I.T (Yes I did). Grahams first He Said album, Hail!, was reissued by Mute UK on CD in January. No extra tracks, but the artwork was slightly changed.

He Said Omala's Matching Crosses remix CD is to be released in late April on Origin. The mini-album contains five tracks remixed from the Catch Supposes album, by Desendence, Krister Linder, Hartley & Huhta, Bruce Gilbert and Edvard Graham Lewis. The sixth track, a new track from He Said Omala, is co-written with Roy Orbison!


An exhibition of Wire paraphernalia entitled Between Sale and ZDRK is being held at the Work For the Eye To Do Gallery, Charterhouse Street, London, from 1st May for one month. Exhibits will hopefully include Grahams ponytail and Roberts drum sticks along with other Wire object-dart. The exhibition is being curated by Wire themselves and is expected to be suitably off-kilter. Rumor is that all four members will be at the exhibition opening! In other news, Raygun magazine has a feature on Wire with new interviews from both Colin and Bruce. A very interesting read despite the layout.


So, another shortish Newsletter. Newsletter 2.4 is in June 1998. Till then...

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