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Newsletter 2.2

December, 1997


Hello, and welcome to our second internet Newsletter. Continued apologies to those who have written expressing their disappointment at the closure of the UK branch from 1st January 1998. This is something we wanted to avoid at all costs but at the end of the day it was not financially viable to do so. Anyway, quite a few last months.


A slight amendment to news about our releases from last time. Wires Coatings (WMO 14CD) was released in the UK and US on 27th October as planned. The second disc to the release, the Lewis/Gilbert/Kendall remix of Ambitious from 1990, is available by mail-order only.

Various Artists Play Drill Dugga Dugga Dugga (WMO 8CD), although finished, is not due for release until May of 1998. We then plan to release P'o Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie For Attention in the spring (were not kidding this time—its been mastered); with Colin Newman's Vox Pop, Michael O'Shea and others to follow later the same year. We will keep you posted. Watch this space!


Ronnie & Clyde's In Glorious Black And Blue (WM15) was released in October to critical acclaim from the press, and on 14th October, they made their live debut at The Garage, London.

Swim releases for 1998 are the new Pablo's Eye album, All She Wants Grows Blue, the debut from Wallstar, and more work from Malka Spigel and Lobe are also promised.

On the remix front, look for remixes of Vapourspace from Ronnie & Clyde, G-Man and Colin & Malka on the triple vinyl release from Mark Gages Knob Records. Immersion also contributed a remix to the latest Bowery Electric 2CD, Vertigo.

Bruce Gilbert

Bruce's DJing on the MS Ostarichi as part of the Mego Loveboat on the Danube, Linz on 10th September was sadly curtailed. This report from the October edition of The Wire:

" we go through a lock, descending to canal level in a narrow concrete tank, Bruce Gilbert is in the captains cabin, which is emitting grating squalls of white noise. It sounds like the metal hull of the boat is shearing apart, but the set ends prematurely when the captain evicts him for cigar smoking."

Bruce has signed a further three album deal with Mute Records. The first fruits of which are In Esse which was released on 13th October in the UK and 9th December in the US. Containing three tracks, the 45 minute epic Soli is not for the squeamish. For those who have experienced DJ Beekeeper or seen Bruce live then this is it! Pure electronics at its extreme and makes Ab Ovo sound tame by comparison. This is not for the faint-hearted, elderly or infirm. Handle at your own risk!

Bruce's tour of Europe supporting Labradford went well. Reports from a few of the venues report that Bruce continued to exasperate the audience with his sonic onslaughts and sometimes only played for 10 minutes. Awkward sod!


The He Said Omala Matching Crosses CD of remixes is complete but will not be released until March of 1998. More news when we have it! Mute have reissued the He Said Hail album after being out of print for almost two years. The CD artwork has been updated.


So, a shortish Newsletter. Newsletter 2.3 is in March 1998. Happy Yuletide and all that!