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Newsletter 1.8

June, 1996


Hello, and welcome to an extremely belated Newsletter. Unfortunately our computer system broke down on the eve of finalizing all the information and has taken longer than expected to get up and running again. Anyway, enough of the excuses and heads down for a full house.

This is not an excercise

9:30 pm May 8th, 1996 saw the inauguration of an as yet un-named new club to be opened at the Hungerford Bridge Arches, South Bank, London. Organised by the Royal Festival Hall and Disobey, the evening got underway with the invited audience being scarred witless by the noises bleating out of a PA strapped to the back of KLF's Jimmy Cauty's tank [an armored personnel vehicle actually—Ed].

Once inside the club the audience had the opportunity to do their funky thing to the DJ-ing of Richard James and g-Man. The revels carried on towards midnight when the 'surprise' act of the night took the stage. With only a day's rehearsal Wire (yes, w-i-r-e!) Launched into Drill and whilst it was exciting to see all four of them back together there was a certain sadness to the night with the thought that this was the very last time they will all be working together—until the next time. It was very moving to see Robert once more sat behind the drum kit.

The WMO crew had the chance to have a brief chat to him prior to playing and we can confirm that he looks well and fit, and that his reasons for playing drums with the group were for the right reasons: A bit of fun and Bruce is only 50 once!

Robert returned to the Leicestershire countryside the next day and likewise Graham returned to Sweden the following day to be with his wife, Liv, who was expecting their second child. Mira was born on the same day as Bruce's birthday (May 18th) and we can report that mother and daughter are doing well.

The club will open it's doors proper on October 3rd with four nights of mayhem and madness with Suicide reforming to play each night.

The Haring/pre->He News

EGL's pre->He (WMO 6CD) will be released at the end of September with BCG's The Haring (WMO 5CD) released before the end of the year.

In the meantime, Graham has almost completed work on the next He Said album Omala. No label or release date has been finalized as yet but we will keep you abreast of any news.

Bruce's luck in getting his public projects off the ground once more crumbled when his installation/performance at the Cockfosters Tube Station on 16th May was canceled due to dignitaries visiting the station on the same day. Plans are underfoot to reschedule.

On the same day that this information came through we also received news that the Mute records front window, where Bruce's installation is held, had been bricked. Obviously the sight of a marzipan shed had tipped someone over the edge. Fortunately it was unharmed but the glaziers were seen later in the day having a suspicious looking tea break!

Bruce's 50th birthday party on Saturday 18th May got off to a cracking start with many presents descending upon the Gilbert. The best present surely was when Graham phoned in to give his salutations and pass the news that he and Liv had taken delivery of their second daughter, Mira, earlier that day. Many a drink was taken to wet the baby's head and when WMO left the pub a few hours later many more were still in the pipeline! We would like to give the Lewis household our best wishes for the future and hope that Mira lives up to her name.

Bruce Gilbert was last seen weaving his way down the middle of Kennington Lane in the small hours of Sunday morning with a large bag of booty under one arm and a chocolate shed under the other!

Bruce's Purr Gallery installation rescheduled for 30th May was once again canceled but he did provide the music for Cchristina Mackie's Cups installation held at no. 27 Exmouth Market, London EC1 between 5-29 June.

Bruce's own installation, Leg Room, held at The Chamber Of Pop Culture, Horse Hospital, Colonnade, London WC1 also saw fruition on 13th June. The Beekeeper turned up at the Royal Festival Hall foyer on 22nd June as part of the inauguration night on their Meltdown 96 season. Described as dada disco the RFH brochure went on to describe Mr. Gilbert as "the godfather of avant disco and leading light of radical new music."


Ronnie and Clyde—Last Hand EP 12" is now in stock. Also, as reported in Bulletin seven, we have limited supplies of the Earth/Oscillating remixes 12". Also in stock are the self-titled Lobe CD (WM 7) and g-Man Kushti CD (WM 9). The latter is also available on a limited edition vinyl mini-album (VAWM 9) which is different from the CD.

Pablo's Eye CD single Prepare For The Others To Follow (CDSWM 11) is also available. Promised for the autumn (but don't hold your breath!) are a new 6 track CD single from Malka Spigel containing 3 tracks with their respective remixes, and Colin Newman's long awaited as-yet-untitled CD, now five tracks complete with the title track from the Voice EP included. WMO has had a sneak preview of the 5 new tracks and can confirm that they are definitely Newmanesque and will come as a surprise to anyone expecting an out-and-out techno release! Colin calls them his contribution to karaoke. Watch this space for further details.

Also planned from Swim are a g-Man live CD from gez's performance in Vienna and a Swim sampler CD. More news as we get it.
Talking of g-Man, he played live at Scratch, The Spitz, 109 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, London E1 on 19th June. Immersion also DJ-ed at Sprawl, Café Internet, London SS1 on June 27th. Unfortunately due to a tube strike WMO couldn't make it but reports back to us say that a good time was had by all.
Swim are to make use of a new, as yet un-named, South Bank club to be also used by Disobey to hold their monthly gatherings. The first day planned is 21st November with 19th December penned in for their xmas party. We'll give you more details when we have them.


Apologies for the extended wait for the Colin Newman vinyl from Crammed Discs. The same reasons as before are still being given by them, and under the circumstances we are going to suspend all future orders for these items until they physically arrive at WMO. In the meantime anyone wishing to make alternative orders is welcome to do so.


Kevin S. Eden is currently in the process of updating, revising and amending the text for Everybody Loves A History. Although there is no specific deadline for publication Kevin would like to receive any photos of Wire that anyone May care to submit for possible inclusion to the book. Any photos used will receive the usual courtesy credit as well as a free copy of the book—when it happens. Please send all your snaps c/o the UK address.

Merchandise list updates

The Peel Sessions CD from Wire on Strange Fruit has received a new sleeve design and extensive sleeve notes from Kevin S. Eden, although no new tracks are added.


Due to the lateness of this Newsletter there will be no Bulletin eight next. Newsletter nine is out in September when we hope we will be back on track and complete with news of WMO 5CD and another of Kevin's interviews, this time with John Bonnar. Bye for now.

This Newsletter © 1996 WMO except: Mike Thorne interview © 1996 Kevin S. Eden.