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Newsletter 1.7

March, 1996


Included with this Newsletter is the first of our next batch of interviews with those people who have long-term associations with Wire. Desmond Simmons is our first installment, future Newsletters will include Mike Thorne, John Bonnar and Paul Kendall.


The Whore CD hits the streets this month. We are extremely pleased that The Wire made it their free CD in the February edition when taking out a new subscription for their magazine. The March editions of American magazines Alternative Press and CMJ are doing features on the CD, and reviews will be appearing in most of the weekly and monthly UK music magazines. Keep your eyes peeled.

Turns and strokes

Our next release, Wire's Turns And Strokes (WMO 4CD), is out at the end of April (once more through Vital). All tracks are previously unreleased, except for 12XU which appeared, albeit in truncated form, on Document And Eyewitness and Second Length b/w Catapult 30 on the Rough Trade 12". We are taking orders for this now and it will be despatched in our usual punctual manner.


As reported in Bulletin five the new Immersion 12" 2nd Immersion (VWM 12) is in stock. Also just arrived is g-Man g-Man ii 12" (VWM 14), with Ronnie & Clyde's Last Hand EP 12" (VWM 15) due at the end of March. Plans for future releases are a Malka Spigel 12" or CD single (VWM 10), Pablo's Eye 12" or CD single (VWM 11) and album (WM 11), and albums from Lobe and g-Man. These will hopefully be released throughout April to June. Still no definite confirmation on Colin's album, except to confirm that he has an unspecified plan for it! Big ho hum.

In the meantime, Immersion have supplied two tracks to the Incoming! label. The first is their own Metal Sea, which will appear on the Serenity Dub 3.1—Organic Technology compilation released on April 15th. The second is a remix of Unitone Hi-Fi's Guiding Star track for their Uniclone Hi-Fi album also released by Incoming!


As reported in Bulletin five, Mute's delay in releasing both the Ab Ovo 12" and CD meant we couldn't despatch them as planned. Both are now in stock and we apologise for the delay, but hope it was worth it.

Also due in stock, in April, is the much awaited Gilbert/Hampson/Kendall Orr CD and Piquet's The Faulty Caress CD.

In January, Bruce travelled to the Hague, Holland to appear at a festival where he entertained revellers with his DJ-ing.

On the afternoon of February 14th Bruce gave a short talk and shed-less performance at the Royal College of Art in London as the final guest for their appropriate technologies series of lectures. Bruce used this event as a warm-up to a series of performances and installations, entitled Area And Volumes, he is making to promote Ab Ovo. These are to be held at the following locations:

14th March: installation, the Purr Gallery, 62 Bell Street, London NW1 (7.30 pm)

30th March: performance, Subteranea, London (Rough Trade shop's 20th birthday festival)

18th April: performance, Highbury Corner Roundabaout, London N1 (8.30 pm)

throughout May: window installation, 429 Harrow Road, London W10 (24 hour)

16th May: performance, Cockfosters Tube Station, main concourse (8.30 pm)

13th June: installation, The Chamber of Pop Culture, The Horse Hospital Collonade, Bloomsbury, London WC1 (8.30 pm).
On top of this Disobey makes a comeback, of sorts, as Kino Disobey. Starting on 21st March at the London Horse Hospital Collonade, WC1 at 8.00 pm, Disobey intend to screen unusual/forgotten film archives. The first night will be a showing of a rough cut of a Can live performance from 1972! For more info phone +44 0181 960 9539.
In May Simon Fisher Turner, known for his soundtrack work with Derek Jarman (The Garden, Edward II, Blue etc.), releases a solo album called Schwarma, on Mute, which Bruce participated on.

Bruce has also provided noises for an album that Russell Mills is putting together to be released by em:t. There is no release date planned but we hope to get stocks in when it sees the light of day. Bruce has also been commissioned by Touch to record Instant Shed Vol 2. We will be holding stocks of all of these items and will give more news in Bulletin six.

In the meantime, Bruce has begun work on The Haring (WMO 5CD) and we are hoping to have this released in September with the simultaneous release of Edvard Graham Lewis' pre-> He (WMO 6CD). Colin's Vox Pop, various artists Dugga Dugga Dugga, The Ex-Lion Tamers Flap King and the as yet untitled Dome CD will be released in 1997.


A new Edvard Graham Lewis track, Bing Before Bong (Etc. Apres Ski), is to appear on another Ash International 2CD compilation called A Fault In The Nothing (Ash 2.6CD2) released at the end of March. The packaging will be the same as the previous Mesmer Variations 2CD and like that album is also thematic in that it highlights the parallels and contradictions between the Buddhist idea that nothing is a positive force, and the recent scientific notion that matter was created as a result of a fault in eternal nothingness, and that matter was created out of nothing. So now you know! Other artists featured include Panasonic, Oval, Merzbow, Chris Watson, Anthony Manning plus others.

Graham is currently in a swedish studio working on new solo material. He informs us that he is pleased with the way things are developing. As soon as we have more news we will let the pidgeons loose.


The full transcript of our interview with Bruce, as featured in Newsletter six, will appear in issue 10 of i/e, (2300 N.Yucca, Chandler, Az 85224, USA) along with the full transcript of the H.A.L.O interview that appeared in Newsletter four, a new Swim interview and a Wir pix cover! Out now so don't miss it.

The Gilbert interview is also available in issue 13 of the Empty Quarter, Po Box 87, Ilford, Essex, IG1 3HJ. CMJ new music monthly, the American magazine with an 80,000 print run, has a large Wire feature in its March edition, along with a piece on WMO. The free CD that comes with CMJ features Desmond Simmons' Counterpane.

Damn and blast!

We are pleased to say that we are now stocking both the various artists compilations issued by Blast First: Deconstruct and 3 Fingers And A Fumb (2CD). Deconstruct features two tracks from Bruce, whilst 3 Fingers... (the best of Disobey 1994) features a track each from Bruce and Dome.


As Newsletter eight is not out until June we would like to officially give our warmest birthday congratulations to Bruce Gilbert who is 50 on May 18th. Keep on keeping on!

This newsletter ©1996 WMO except Desmond Simmons interview © 1996 Kevin S. Eden.