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Newsletter 1.4

June, 1995


Hello and welcome to another action-packed Newsletter. There is an exclusive interview with Edvard Graham Lewis, provided by KSPC's Mary Owen about his new H.A.L.O project along with some other interesting news.

Hand to hand

Behind The Ccurtain finally arrived and we hope pleased those who have bought it. It seems like a lifetime since meetings were first held at EMI back in July 1994 to decide how this CD should be compiled. All three compilers, Kevin S. Eden, Jon Savage, and Jon Wozencroft came to a surprisingly easy consensus over the 31 tracks chosen and hope that Bruce Gilbert's artwork, Jon W's thoughtful design and the three essays from the compilers make it a fully rounded package. Kevin also personally supervised the remastering and final digital editing of all the tracks to ensure that the tracks would sound as best as possible. However, a confusion in the recording dates meant that they were printed wrong on the sleeve. For the record, they are as follows: tracks 1-6: 1st April 1977 (live); track 7: 4th May 1977; tracks 8-15: 14th December 1977; tracks 16-21: 14th April 1978; tracks 22-31: 11th December 1978.

... There's more to come!

We are pleased to announce that WMO is compiling a Wire compilation CD to be released by Mute records in February 1996. Entitled Whore, the album will contain as many and interesting artists as can be squeezed onto it. At this present time we can not give out details of contributors, etc. But we can assure you that we are making every endeavor to provide a suitably fitting tribute for Wire and their continued influence and inspiration. In conjunction a side project has evolved. The WMO label will be releasing a CD entitled Dugga Dugga Dugga, a tribute to Drill, later in 1996. Once again, no names can be given, but we are hoping the selection of artists will be as wide and varied as Whore.

The WMO label

July is set for the debut WMO reissue Desmond simmon's Alone On Penguin Island (WMO 1CD). This rare Gilbert/Lewis production was originally released in 1981 on Dome records and includes seven extra tracks including performances with Robert Gotobed and Colin Newman.

For strict logistic reasons our proposed CD compilation of Colin Newman's demos (WMO 2CD) that we hoped to release this year will be put back to an early 1996 date. It was felt by both WMO and Colin that with the release of his own solo album, his first in seven years, and the reissue of his two crammed disc CD's that yet another CD by him at this time would not give his new album a fair crack at the whip. We therefore intend to release Lewis/Gilbert and Russell Mills—Pacific/Specific (in a different place) (WMO 3CD) and Wire—tba (WMO4CD) first, with Colin's following in early 1996. We are also pleased to announce that a further series of releases have been secured.


As ever the busy bee, Bruce made one of his only too rare shed performances on 28th April at the U4 club, Vienna supporting Locust, Seefeel and Autechre.

Meanwhile in a back room at the Disobey club a DJ night was held with Bruce, Sahko label, Jimi Tenor and others spinning the black vinyl and silver costly discs.

May 18th's Disobey went off with a bang with Bruce's 49th birthday, and we can report that his DJing that night was suitably off kilter! Perhaps havana's and the cocktail just got too much...

The next Disobey on June 15th and will feature Cylob, Jon Ssavage and Nicholas Ccollins with Robert Poss (Band of Susans). Be there or not at all.

A new ambient, techno, hip hop, etc. Magazine called Muzik hit the stands in the UK last month and lo and behold page 82 had an article on the Beekeeper!

Bruce has also been putting the finishing touches to his long-awaited next album, Ab Ovo, as yet unscheduled for release through Mute. Listen out for the singing pier!

The Sahko connection continues with Bruce raiding his personal archive to compile a release for the label. Some of the pieces unearthed are at least 15-20 years old!

The previously reported Gilbert/Hampson/Piquet CD to be released through Paul Kendall's own Parallel Series has been given a title. Entitled Orr, Paul informs us that barring the artwork it is all but finished.

An invitation to record a single for the USA Sub Pop label has also been accepted by Bruce. We shall, of course, notify you of any definite release dates.

For those of you in the UK may have tuned into Radio 3's mixing it on 15th May, we can confirm that Bruce is not DJ Slowdown who's slowed-down version of Frank Sinatra's Stormy Weather was aired that night. When informed, Bruce found the association extremely amusing and was pleased that someone had treated such a classic song.


Here we go again! As reported previously, the following 12" are either deleted or in limited supply. Oracle Remixes (VWM 1), Immersion Remixes vol. 1 (VWM 4.1) and Immersion Remixes vol. 2 (VWM 4.2). Colin 's Voice 12" is being repressed, so no panic there!

New 12" releases for June and July are: Plastic Venus—Steady (10") (VMW5), Immersion Remixes vol. 3 (VWM4.3) [remixes by: Cylob, Pablo Castrati (aka Piquet), Paul Schutze and Jon Ryman], Lobe—Placebo (VMW7) and g-man (jez varley)—g-man (VWM9).

CD's for release in June and July are as follows: Full Immersion: The Remixes vol. 1 (WM 4.0) and Plastic Venus Helven Park (WM 5).

The following should appear between Autumn 1995 and early next year: Colin Newman—tba (WM3), Resolution -tba (WM6), Lobe—tba (WM7), Cusp (Mark Gage)—Space & Time/ Liquids & Metals (WM8), g-man—tba (WM9) and Pablo's Eye—tba (WM11).

On the vinyl front, expect: Immersion Remixes vol. 4 (remixes by: Fawn, Resolution, Globo and Pablo's Eye) (VWM4.4), Malka Spigel—tba (VWM10), Pablo's Eye tba (VWM11) and finally a new Immersion EP (VWM13).

Page 41 of the June edition of The Wire features a piece on Swim alongside a lovely photo of Malka. And before the rumours start, flying H.A.L.O are not doing an ep for Swim! Also, distribution in the UK is through SRD, for those who want to get Swimstuff from their local emporium. What do you expect from journalists who don't check the facts?!

From the sublime

The May 1995 edition of Record Collector magazine contained the top collectable artists. Good to see Wire straight in at 350. Well, not up there with Elastica (102) or Captain Beefheart (62), but certainly not done there with Billy Idol (456) or Inspiral Carpets (484)! Now if we can only get them up to 154!


Thanks for all your comments about the various new releases. They are passed on to the various parties. Keep them coming. Thanks also for your continued support. Newsletter five should hit your doormats in September. Bulletin three should be out sometime in late July or early August. Newsletter six is due in December. The next 12 months see a phenomenal amount of Wire and related material being issued. We only hope we can keep you all suitably informed and that your bank balances will stretch!

Thanks to Kevin, Charles, Graham, Mary, Simon, Andrew, and the family.

This Newsletter first published in 1995.

Bulletin: August 1995

The first letter

Wir are to get a 12" single released in September courtesy of Touch (Tone5). The two tracks, a 12 minute version of The First Letter and a 16 minute version of Footsi-Footsi were recorded back in July 1991 when the band were preparing for their Mean Fiddler gig. The Hafler Trio took the tapes away and sonically altered them in their own inimitable and drastic manner. Be surprised! We will update you when stocks become available.


We reported in Newsletter four that the WMO compiled Wire tribute will be released through Mute records. We have recently taken the decision to keep all our projects on the WMO label. However, unlike other releases Whore will be distributed via Vital in the UK. In the US, we are pleased to announce that the tribute will be distributed by Caroline. Other WMO releases will also be distributed through Dutch East India.!

And here it was again!

Yes, it really happened! As a warm up to their Whore recording session, The Ex-lion Tamers played a fully capable set at the Lounge Ax in Chicago on July 1, 1995. As MC Lubert Das announced, we like this band and hope you do too!

The band, consisting of Colin, Bruce, Graham and Robert, then tore through Pink Flag apparently unaware that it had been some seven years since they had last played together. Although unable to attend, Colin Newman of Wire does still sites the 'Tamers as his sole influence. "It felt great over here", Colin said. First up on the bill that night were Cinco de Gatos, who performed Outdoor Miner to warm things up.

Alone On Penguin Island

Delays in the CD mastering of Alone On Penguin Island have meant it won't be available until September, but we are taking advanced orders where you can get it first. The CD contains six bonus live and demo tracks plus a track left off the album when originally released, along with original artwork and new notes by Desmond Simmons himself. We hope this reissue gets the recognition it deserves. This and all future WMO releases (excluding Whore) will also be available at your local (UK) emporium via Cargo distribution or via Dutch East India in the USA.


Due to re-scheduling of releases and the imminent move from their current premises, These Records have put back the release of the P'o and Michael O'Shea CD's to the colder months. However, through the bout of archiving that WMO is currently involved in, two extra P'o tracks have been unearthed and will be included in the CD. Watch this space.


Although Bruce himself informed of the forthcoming publication of his Invisible Jukebox feature in the July edition of The WIre it appeared earlier than we thought and caught us napping. For those unfamiliar with this feature, every month The Wire play a selection of pieces to a musician and then ask them to identify and comment on them. For those of you who missed this and would like a photocopy, please send a sae/imo and we will sneak one to you.

Bruce has also signed on for another three-cornered project with Robert Poss and Susan Stenger (Band of Susans). Bruce will realise one of his ambitions by playing the slide guitar! Sessions start soon and when we have further information we'll let you know first!


The Disobey/Blast First Three Fingers and a Fumb double CD compilation finally appeared in June—better late than never. Containing live material from the 1994 Disobey season, it features Dome's Extract of Tervis from their December 1st 1994 performance and Bruce's sounds of London from his sound installation of 14-16 July. Along with 20 other pieces from the artists who appeared under the Disobey neon. And before any one asks, we don't have any copies. Contact: Blast First, 429 Harrow Road, London W10 4RE. Tell them we sent you!

This Bulletin first published in 1995.