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Newsletter 1.3

March, 1995


Hello, and here it is, again. Another year, another Newsletter. As ever thanks to all who responded to our last missive and for keeping us on our toes. We are sorry for not informing you of the December 1st Dome event sooner, but events overtook us so we thought it best at least to review it. Even Mark Paytress felt compelled to mention the Richard James and Dome performances in his article on 'Industrial Music' in January's Record Collector magazine. It's quite ironic that for a group, which is effectively going through one of its dormant phases (again) that there should be so much activity, interest and material, being produced in 1995.


The responses to the H.A.L.O CD single and album were encouraging to say the least. On the 13th March, Vital Distribution will distribute the CD single in the UK with Immanent following on the 10th April. On the 3rd April, a new 12" and CD single will be distributed in the UK. The 12" will contain 3 LFO remixes of Eclipsed, whilst the CD single will have these three and the original album version plus a Libido remix of Two Too State. Both of these releases will be with the mail order before Vital start their distribution deal. Please note that there is no current distribution in the USA. We are taking orders for them now. In the meantime, any thoughts or feedback on Graham's new work(s) will be gratefully received.


Swim-ing continues unabated with some excellent releases lined up. Here are the revised release dates for the next batch of 12" singles:

Further Swim releases for '95 are:

Phew! Colin's first solo release in 7 years, Voice, takes the shape of a four-track 12". Tracks are: Automation, Faq, Voice and Output. We have had a sneak preview and can firmly state that the results are up to Colin's usual standards; but don't go looking for a follow up to It Seems—7 years means lots of changes! On top of this Colin is to finally release his 6th album (WM3), as yet untitled, this year (again his first for 7 years).

We are pleased to say that the mail order is now holding stocks of all Swim products; CD's, 12", t-shirt, etc. If you wish to place orders for any of these items we will dispatch them as soon as they arrive. Please see the merchandise list for details.

If they haven't been busy enough, March 7th saw Colin and Malka holding down the DJ slot at the Electric Lounge held at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts. Previous months holders have included Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Paul Schutze, Spring Heel Jack, Spykid, Akeen along with stunning sets from Locust, Orbital, etc. A whole plethora of techno ambience is usually promised. Check the March edition of The Wire for future details.


Bruce made his DJing debut across the pond when he played at the Knitting Factory, New York on January 19th and 20th as part of a two night Disobey. Unfortunately, his much touted solo performance never materialized due to a lack of garden sheds in New York! NME.'s review (11th February) and the two-page spread in March's The Wire captured the spirit of what both Disobey is about as well as Richard James 'spell- binding set'. Our man in the states, Charles Snider, filed this review confirming what a weird and wonderful weekend it was:
"The first evening started without notice as Panasonic from the Finnish label Sahko filled the air with their electronic pulse, followed by a brief respite of low-life from Stewart Home. Although FM Einheit and Caspar Brotzmann provided an equally capable set the first night, their mix of industrial noise packed the room on Friday. The highlight of both evenings, the two performed a crunching blend of steel and Stratocaster drawing from Massaker's Home album. DJ Bruce Gilbert filled the room, though one May wonder about the heads, between sets with his unique blend of ambiance and beat. Band of Susans put forth the most accessible sets of the evenings, with Susan Stenger providing near audible vocals. The event was topped off with Richard James ditching his dance beats in favour of the altogether noisier mix of blender and sandpaper. Quite the shock to America!"

The first Disobey of '95 heads to Manchester's Roadhouse on the 26th March, before returning to its usual spot Upstairs from The Garage in April. The Wire will, obviously, have further details. Bruce's contribution to Blast First's Deconstruct compilation CD took the shape of two tracks; Swarm 1 and Swarm 2. Please do not send us any money for this release. It's only available directly from Blast First, 429 Harrow Road, London W10 4RE.


The much awaited reissues of P'o and Michael O'Shea are due soon, with These Records informing us that they are hoping for a June/July release, with MZUI following some time later. We are happy to reserve copies for anyone ordering them now. Please see the merchandise list for details.

Behind the Curtain

This long awaited release has unfortunately been put back (again) to May 9th. EMI's excuse being that they had such a great run up to Christmas (courtesy of The Beatles), they felt the Wire CD would not receive the push it deserves! We are happy to reserve copies if you place your order now for this 68 minute, 31 track compilation. There are no current plans to distribute this in the USA.

Life seems commercial

Apologies to those of you who waited to receive stocks of these mail order items. The stocks of Commercial Suicide never materialized as it is now deleted in the USA, while stocks of It Seems and Life in the Manscape were outweighed by the orders. We therefore had to mail them out on a first come first served basis. Our apologies to those of you who ended up with credit notes. However, we have received news that Crammed Discs are to re-release both of Colin's CD's later in the year! You will see from our merchandise list that we have removed both of Colin's items (although IS does trickle in), whilst LITM will be retained as long as stocks last.

The WMO label

As reported in Newsletter Two, the first release on the WMO label will be the CD reissue of Desmond Simmons' Alone On Penguin Island (WMO 1CD), originally released in 1981 on the Dome label. It will also contain two bonus tracks (The Gymnast and Man The Lifeboats) that Desmond performed live with Colin Newman's Soft Option group in 1981. We are hoping to have this released in June/July and although this will be available in the shops (through These Records) we hope that it will be cheaper to subscribers of the Newsletter.

We also reported that WMO is archiving various group and solo material for possible release on CD only (not on cassette as previously reported). The first release from this activity (apart from Desmond's bonus tracks) will be a selection of Colin Newman's unreleased recordings from the post-Wire period prior to his sojourn in India (1979-1982) (WMO 2CD). Another release from this archiving session will take the form of a live Wire CD of tracks from their post 154 period that they performed but never recorded (WMO 4CD). This release will probably not appear until 1996, but we are hoping to compile these tracks with Second Length and Catapult 30, which were only previously available on a Rough Trade 12" single released in 1983. Negotiations are also currently being made with the BBC to license the 3 tracks from the 1980 Lewis/Gilbert John peel sessions. We will be compiling these with the 1982 Lewis/Gilbert/Mills MZUI:Australia piece, from ABC Sydney (WMO 3CD). Obviously, more news when everything is confirmed.

Many of you have also asked about the possible reissue of the A.C. Marias Drop b/w So single from 1980. Unfortunately, all parties concerned in this venture do not wish it to be reissued on any format, and all at WMO are happy to follow their wishes.


I Am The Fly raises its head once more on Virgin's self-congratulatory The Best Punk Album in The World... Ever. With all the current interest in Wire, it is, therefore, no surprise that Colin, Graham, Bruce and Robert have done interviews for Vox and Mojo. The latter interview is probably going to turn into something more substantial and tied in with the release of Behind The Curtain (see above). Keep your eyes peeled!


So that's all for now. Hopefully there's enough to keep everyone's bank manager breathing down their necks. Keep those comments and orders coming in, as it proves there is life out there! We are more than happy to take advanced/reserved orders for items not yet released as soon as we get a price for them. Hopefully, the next Newsletter should be out July-ish. And remember to send in your subscription if you wish to recieve this Newsletter via mail.

Thanks to Kevin, Charles, Simon, MNW, and Swim.

This Newsletter first published in 1995.

Bulletin: May, 1995


Due to time constraints the Libido remix of Two Too State was left off of the Eclipsed CD singles. As both the 12" and CD are identical we will, therefore, only be stocking the latter. Graham informs us that this remix will appear at a later date and has, in fact, spurned him on to create a new piece out of the remix! Graham recently gave us a lengthy interview.

Newsletter Four will feature edited highlights of the interview, particularly in relation to the H.A.L.O project. The first review of the H.A.L.O album that we are aware of appeared in the April edition of The Wire giving it the thumbs up it deserves.


Sorry for the wrong date of the new season of Disobey. The first event took place on April 13th with the Sahko label providing the sonic equivalent of ear-syringing! The reason we got excited about the next Disobey on May 18th is that it falls on Bruce's birthday, a good time is promised by all!

WMO label

The release of Desmond Simmons Alone On Penguin Island (WMO 1CD) is on course for a July release. However, the two bonus tracks have been extended to six! Desmond himself came up trumps by providing us with some previously unheard live material from his band The Amorphons that featured Robert Gotobed, plus a one off performance from Beacon Hill Six that he put together to promote the album. The proposed release of Colin Newman's demo's CD has, however, been put back to 1996. With all the current Swim releases including Colin's first solo recordings in seven years, as well as the proposed CD re-release of his two Crammed albums this year, we felt that they should all get a fair crack of the whip. This rescheduling will therefore push forward the proposed CD's from Lewis/Gilbert & Mills (WMO 3CD) as well as the Wire CD of post-154 live material (WMO 4CD). Obviously more news when we have it.

Behind the curtain no more

Please note that this is a UK-only release! This new 31-track CD from EMI UK contains six live tracks from April 1, 1977 at the Roxy and studio recordings from 1977 and 1978. All tracks are previously unreleased. Liner notes from Kevin Eden, Jon Savage and Jon Wozencroft. Cover concept by Lewis and Gilbert. Track list is as follows:
Mary Is A Dyke, Too True, Just Don't Care, Tv, New York City, After Midnight, Pink Flag, Love Ain't Polite, Oh No Not So, It's The Motive, Practice Makes Perfect, Sand In My Joints, Staplemate, I Feel Mysterious Today, Underwater Experiences, Dot Dash, Options R, From The Nursery, Finistaire, No Romans, Amother The Letter, 40 Versions, Blessed State, A Touching Display, Once Is A Enough, Stepping Off Too Quick, Indirect Enquiries, Map Ref. 41n 93w, A Question Of Degree, Two People In A Room, and Former Airline.

Next month June will bring our Graham Lewis interview exclusive for WMO and details on the upcoming various artists play Wire albums. Please send in your comments on the new stuff.

This bulletin first published in 1995.