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Newsletter 1.2

December, 1994


Hello, and welcome to an Elastica-free Newsletter two. The response to Newsletter one was extremely encouraging. Thank you to those of you who wrote. Unfortunately, we cannot reply individually, but we will try to answer your questions/queries in the Newsletter itself.

It's all in the name

Graham Lewis informs us that his new project is actually called H.A.L.O and the album is called Immanent (MNW 265). It is due for release in Sweden in February 1995, with the possibility of it being licensed to other territories. In the meantime, a CD single was released on November 7th 1994 entitled The Fear Grows b/w Eyes Only (Singfred)" (MNW CDs 188). The latter features Swedish vocalist Freddie Wadling (originally in The Leather Nun before forming The Flesh Quartet). Although the CD and CDs will only be available on import at present WMO has copies available!)

To Swim and to Swim

Colin and Malka's Swim label has had two further releases since the last Newsletter. The first, a 12" single (VMW1), is four remixes of Oracle tracks—two each from Immersion and Earth taken from the Tree album (wm2). Two of the remixes can be found on the new Immersion debut album Oscillating (wm4) available now.

Other releases planned by Swim for 1995 will take the form of a set of 12" singles. The first from Resolution (VWM2) contains two tracks of highly treated atmospheric guitar texture played by Michael harding (ex-10,000 mexicans) set against propulsive trance beats. Immersion Remixes Vol 1 (VWM4.1), originally a four track 12" of specially commissioned remixes, has now been expanded, following interest from a number of mixers: Mark Gage (aka vapourspace), Paul Schutze, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Laika, Fred Gianelli, Paul Kendall, Resolution, Intens, Daniel Miller, LFO, Claude Young, Craig Wharton, Jon Ryman, Cylob and others! Consequently, this one release will extend into three or four limited edition 12"s to be compiled onto CD at a later date.

Other 12"s planned for 1995 will be from Colin Newman Voice (VWM3 6th March), and Israeli group Plastic Venus. 1995 also sees the release of the debut Plastic Venus album, Helven Park. This project started life as a collaboration released in parallel with 'band' recordings for another label. Swim will now be releasing all these recordings. The long-awaited sixth solo album from Colin is definitely 'go' for '95.

Buzz buzz buzz

December 1st saw the last Disobey Club of the year. The evenings entertainment kicked off with Spaceheads. Fronted by ex-James trumpeter Andy Diagram, their sound can only be described as Fripp & Eno meets Miles Davis! Following a brief-ish interlude Richard James (aka the Aphex Twin) made a rare DJ-ing excursion in what can only be described as a brutal sonic onslaught. His 30-minute set proceeded to soften up the audience with his use of sandpaper and a moulinex mixer (instead of more traditional vinyl)!

The final turn of the evening was a rare Dome performance, entitled Tergiversation. Graham and Bruce, aided by the obligatory tube-head man, continued the evenings aural terrorism with arousing 45 minute set that at times felt like 3-4 weeks. As with all Disobey evenings, this was recorded and excerpts will appear on the Three Fingers and a Fumb CD available from Blast First through The Wire. Disobey returns to the UK in March 1995, but in the meantime will be heading to the USA. On January 19-20 at the Knitting Ffactory featuring Band of Susans, Eeinheit/Brotzmann, Stewart Home, and Bruce Gilbert.

Bruce also provided a very subdued tape soundtrack, played throughout the day, when Disobey held a weekend of performance, poetry etc at the Bridewell Theatre, London on 14-16 July 1994. On the 15th Bruce performed at the Vox Club, Brixton, though not from his usual shed. Bruce has also deconstructed a couple of pieces for Blast Firsts' Deconstruct CD released through The Wire magazine.

Pick it

Paul Kendall (aka Piquet), resident producer and aural wizard at Mute Records, is to set up his own mail order label, called the Parallel Series. The first releases will be a Piquet CD and the long lost and much awaited Bruce Gilbert/Robert Hampson (Main)/Piquet album. Although only available through Mute mail order we are pleased to say that WMO will be holding stocks of these items when they appear.

I see dee

The possibility of a CD version of I Saw You looks increasingly like a reality, with discussions between Wir and company underway. Specifics like contents and design are at an early stage, but a joint Touch/Mute records release looks highly likely. We will, of course, keep you informed and make copies available direct to subscribers as soon as they are available.

Some demos

The CD of Wire demos from EMI has reached the final stages of preparation. Compiled and annotated by Messrs. Kevin Eden, Jon Savage, and Jon Wozencroft, the CD will contain 31 tracks of previously unreleased demos from all three EMI albums, plus tracks from April 1977, live at The Roxy. Entitled Behind The Curtain, it is set for an April 1995 release. WMO will, of course, be holding stocks.

Those reissues

These Records informs us that the first two reissues to be released will be the P'o and Michael O'Shea CDs, probably in March 1995, with MZUI following after. All will be released with their original sleeve designs along with sleeve notes by Kevin Eden. We will hold stocks of all these reissues as soon as they become available.


We've had a number of enquiries asking for further details of record releases by Wir(e) etc. We are pleased to say that an updated and revised discography is now available. Anyone ordering the Everybody Loves A History book from us will receive this free. Anyone else wishing to obtain a copy should consult the merchandise list for details.

Exploded news

In Newsletter One, we said that we would be stocking the new Wire book by Alessandro Libutti. As Wire themselves are not happy with this publication, we will not, therefore be selling this item.


A number of correspondents have asked about the various albums that have been announced in the music press or by record companies. Hopefully, this will clear up some of the confusion. Colin Newman/John Bonnar Echoes from the Cross (Made to Measure/Crammed MTM 9): the idea for an album of John's music was discussed following his involvement in a series of musical evenings, which had the same title, held at St. Johns Church, Vauxhall, London in 1986-88. Some music was recorded but John felt it unsuitable for release and so this project was shelved. John has since gone onto work and collaborate with Dead Can Dance. A proposed collaboration between Colin and Benjamin Lew similarly failed to materialise.

He Said (Stumm 86), A.C. Marias (Stumm 89), Bruce Gilbert (Stumm 117): these three still appear in the Mute Records catalogue. None have been recorded yet. He Said has had to take a back seat in preference to Graham's current H.A.L.O project. Bruce has been involved in other projects already mentioned, whilst Angela Conway has been pursuing her other career as a promotional video director. So all three are on indefinite hold until further notice.

Label mates

WMO is currently in the process of setting up its own CD label with the aim of reissuing Desmond Simmons Alone On Penguin Island. We are also archiving all available live material from Wir(e), along with related material from Colin Newman's demos with the eventual aim of releasing them at a future date. We will have more concrete news in Newsletter three.

Picture this

WMO has received a number of letters requesting the release of a video compilation of Wir(e). Videos have been made by Wir(e), He Said, A.C. Marias and Colin Newman. WMO have approached Mute about a possible Wir(e) compilation (they wish to keep each artist separate), and it is something they are aware of. All we can suggest is to write directly to Mute if you're keen to see these released. Colin's two early videos (B and We Means, We Starts) may or may not be in the Beggars Banquet archive; unfortunately we have no further information at present.

Where is Robert?

A number of concerned enquiries have reached us about Robert Gotobed. We can happily report that he is alive and well, having returned to rural idyll (i.e. farming). He currently lives on a small holding and converting an outbuilding to a drum studio (so as not to disturb the local wildlife). He informs us that he has no plans to return to the madness and Mayhem of performing publicly.


Please continue sending your comments/letters/queries/etc. We'll do our best to answer them. Don't forget to get your subscriptions in for Newsletter three.

This Newsletter first published in 1994.