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Newsletter 1.11

March, 1997


Hello and welcome to 1997. Another round of Newsletters and releases from WMO. Also, final notices go out with this Newsletter to all the subscribers that have not ordered from us during the past year; the Newsletter is free to all active customers. Anyway, another slender edition but a full one nonetheless.

Bruce Gilbert

Finally, The Haring was released at the end of March. Apologies for the delay but we're sure you'll be very pleased. In conjunction with These records this item is now available both through the mail order and in the shops. However, mail order buyers will get an extra Gilbert treat that will not be included in the shop version. Again, this box set is limited to 1000 copies—don't delay!

Ash International released the third in their ongoing series of 2CD themed releases, Antiphony (Ash 3.4) featuring Bruce Gilbert, Chris & Cosey, Mark Van Hoen (Locust) and a host of others each interpreting disinformation pieces from the Ghost Shells EP, R&D CD and Stargate LP (all on Ash).

Bruce has also just finished work on yet another new album, In Esse, for release on a Japanese label. More new when we have it.

Finally, Bruce will be appearing on Sacrilige, a remix album of tracks from godfathers Can. The CD, also featuring tracks by Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, A Guy Called Gerald and The Orb, is scheduled for release on 5 May from Mute records.


Graham and co's He Said Omala Catch Supposes is to be released in Sweden in April. Having set up their own label, Origin, WMO has helped secure UK/Europe distribution through RTM/Disc. In the US, WMO is currently investigating a domestic pressing for release in the summer. Graham's H.A.L.O Immanent CD is to be released in the US by World Domination with bonus tracks taken from the Eclipsed and Fear Grows CD singles. A release is expected in May.

Parallel series

Paul Kendall's Parallel Series has just released two further CD's; Andrei Samsonov's Void In and Kendall Turner Overdrive Displaced Links. The latter is a reworking/deconstruction remix of Simon Fisher Turner's Schwarma CD release last year on Mute.

To promote these four releases Parallel Series held two concerts featuring Piquet (Paul Kendall), SFT, Bruce Gilbert and Andrei Samsonov. The first, an unpublicized event at the Royal College Of Music, which attracted six people and the second more public concert at The Purcell Room on 21st February. At both perfomances Bruce Beekeepered (read mangled) the Parallel Series catalogue on the double CD player.


New items released are Malka Spigel's Hide mini CD, Pablo's Eye remixes 12", and the Swim 2CD Water Communication sampler.

1997 releases will include the long over due Colin Newman album Bastard (WM 3), as well as first albums from Swim artists dol-lop and Ronnie & Clyde. 12" releases from Ronnie & Clyde and g-Man's g label are also imminent.


The WMO label has recently signed a distribution deal with RTM/Disc for all future release. This year we plan to release the P'o CD with extra tracks, various artists—Dugga Dugga Dugga, and a double Wire CD, called Coatings, which will contain their 1988 John Peel session along with previously unreleased and/or rare mixes from the Mute archives.

Bark Psychosis' Three Girl Rhumba featured on Whore is to be included on a compilation CD of rare and unreleased material the group recorded before calling it a day. Nightfear is to be released by 3rd Stone.

Top ten

Just to fill a bit more space we decided to tot up our non-WMO mail order sales for 1996 and came up with your top 10 (cue the music):

  1. H.A.L.O—Immanent
  2. Bruce Gilbert—Ab Ovo
  3. Wir/Hafler Trio—The First Last Letter
  4. Bruce Gilbert—Ab Ovo 12"
  5. Wir/Erasure—Fingers & Crumbs
  6. Immersion—Oscillating
  7. Wir—So & Slow It Grows
  8. Wire—Behind The Curtain
  9. Bruce Gilbert—Instant Shed Vol. 2
  10. Bruce Gilbert—Instant Shed Vol. 1 /li>


So that's it for another quarter. But enough to be going on with we hope. Interviews return next Newsletter with a new set from the boys.

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