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Newsletter 1.10

December, 1996


Hello and welcome to the last Newsletter of 1996. Is it really a year since we were saying the same thing? So eyes down for a scant Newsletter and as promised we have raided the tape archive to print extracts of an interview Wire gave in 1979 for Australian radio.


As ever the busy bee, Bruce's The Haring'should be with those of you who ordered it before the end January and we hope you all like it as much as we do. We're sure you'll agree what a special item it is.

Bruce has been particularly busy over the last few months; beekeeping at a series of Disobey evenings held Upstairs at the Garage on 10th October, 21st November and 21st December.

From January 1997 Disobey is to be held every Friday at the Knitting Factory, the South Bank, London.

The South Bank recently held a series of concerts called American Independents, to celebrate some of the great maverick voices of American culture. As part of the series, on 6th November, Susan Stenger (Band of Susans) put together an ad hoc group of musicians called The Brood to perform the music of John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Christian Wolff, Rhys Chatham, Phil Niblock and Lamonte Young. The first half of the concert featured Panasonic, Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk), Kaffe Mathews, Shelley Hirsch, Scanner and Susan. The second half started with a duet of Robert Poss (Band of Susans) with Susan, which then increased to include Peter John Kember (aka Sonic Boom), Justine Frischmann (Elastica) and Phil Niblock to perform the UK premiere of Phil's guitar too, for four. The final piece saw Phil replaced by one Robert Grey (aka Gotobed). The after gig party was DJ'd by the ever present Beekeeper. Susan has already begun formulating plans to continue The Brood, and Bruce informs us that he intends to play guitar with them.

The next day Bruce flew out to Chicago to play on 9th November as part of the Table Of Elements Yttrium Festival at The Empty Bottle. The original idea was for Bruce to perform inside a shed, but a suitable receptacle could not be found and he was left to strafe the audience hidden in the wings of the stage. Bruce has reported to us that whilst he enjoyed the show he felt it was a bit like a grateful dead concert: "I was on for 35 minutes!"

Bruce will be performing at the Rude Mechanic series of events held between 9th November and 7the December. His piece will take place on 1st December, noon-6pm at Beaconsfield, Newport Street, London SE11.


pre>He is out if anyone hasn't ordered it yet. Graham has also informed us that He Said Omala is finished and mastered with only the sleeve to design. We await news as to which label it will appear on. WMO (US) is currently working with MNW Zone to secure a license for the North American release of H.A.L.O Immanent. Expect the release in March 1997.


The final release for 1996 is a Pablo's Eye 12" remix single which is now in stock.

Plans for 1997 include the eventual release of Colin's album, a new Malka Spigel mini-CD album and the various artists double CD Water Communication we mentioned in Newsletter nine. This compilation features previously unreleased tracks from Colin, Pablo's Eye, Malka, Ronnie & Clyde, Plastic Venus, Immersion and g-Man, alongside some tracks that have appeared on previous 12" releases. For anyone who has not yet sampled the delights of Swim this is a great place to dip your toes in the water. As their press release states this 2CD set combines both a summing up of the Swim story so far and some glimpses of what it has in store for the next set of releases.


Final reminder that subscriptions for 1997 will only be sent to active customers. Enjoy the holiday festivities and look forward to releases on WMO by P'o, Michael O'Shea, Colin Newman and hopefully others!

This Newsletter © 1996 WMO. Interview edited and transcribed by Kevin S. Eden.