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WMO newsletter 1.1

July, 1994


Hello, and welcome to WMO. Apart from eventually providing a direct mail-order service for all things Wire, we are also here to provide a news and information service. We hope to keep subscribers of WMO abreast of all the activities of the members of Wire with this and future Newsletters. Similarly, we are hoping to set up a comprehensive mail-order service to provide CD's, T-shirts and other items that are difficult or impossible to obtain elsewhere.


Since Wire became Wir, the group have kept busy both collectively and individually. After the recording of The First Letter and the So and Slow single, Wir played two dates; the Mean Fiddler, London, July 15th 1991, and the Kilburn National, London, October 24th, 1991, when they appeared as special guest supporting blur. Wir's next public appearance (and to date their last) was as part of two I Saw You evenings, the first, at the Grand, Clapham, London, April 9th, 1992 and the second at Szene Wien, Vienna, Austria, February 4, 1993. Both evenings contained multimedia performances from electronic poet Piquet (Paul Kendall's performing persona), Dome, aer (audio-visual performance), the Wall of Noise (multi-guitarists), and Wir. The latter event in Vienna was part of a festival of music and performance to celebrate the club's 10th anniversary. Whilst there, Wir also recorded a couple of tracks for ORF, the Austrian equivalent of the BBC. The two tracks, The First Letter and Janet remain unreleased. Since then Wir has gone into hibernation, but remains viable for all three members.


Colin's return to London along with Malka Spigel and son Ben, enabled them to set up their own label, Swim. They recorded Malka's debut solo album, Rosh Ballata (hebrew for "concrete head") which was released in November 1993. He continued work on the Like This project with Malka and Samy Birnbach (both formerly of Minimal Compact). They subsequently renamed themselves Oracle, releasing the album Tree and a series of remixes from Oscillating and Earth on Swim in early 1994. The music of Oracle can also be found, as an unreleased track, The Sweetest Place on Volume 10th edition. Just released from Swim is a CD of trance electronics from Immersion, entitled Oscillating. Colin is currently working on his first solo album in five years and rumoured to be collaborating with Mark Gage (Vapourspace)—more news as we get it.


Graham is still living in Sweden with his wife Liv and baby daughter klara. He has recently signed a recording deal with MNW zone and hopes a new project entitled H.A.L.O. to will be released shortly. Graham will provide details for next time.


Bruce made his live solo debut appearance at the Garage, London, on November 18th, 1993, performing from inside a garden shed. This was followed by a second shed performance at London's Tower Records on March 21st, 1994, when various Mute Records artists held a fortnight of music and performance. Bruce has also begun a monthly residency DJing at the Disobey Club (upstairs from the garage) as The Beekeeper. His DJing prowess got him invited to Moscow as part of the Brittronic Festival. His appearance at the Pilot Club on April 16th, 1994 caused a minor revolution with the army physically ejecting him and the Aphex Twin (Richard James), in favour of playing Madonna records!


On the reissue front, the four Dome LPs, and the Duet Emmo collaboration with Daniel Miller, Or So It Seems, were finally reissued on CD by Mute Records in August 1992. The P'o [pronounced "poe"] Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie For Attention' album, the eponymous Michael O'Shea album (produced by Dome), and the MZUI album (with Russell Mills) are to be reissued by These Records in the near future. EMI has finally reissued Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, and 154, complete with extra tracks (b-sides) and lyrics. EMI is also planning to release a Wire rarities CD of early demo tapes and possibly other bits and pieces. Plans are vague at the present but as soon as any firm news arrives we'll let you know.

Books, too!

Also just published is a new Wire book by Allessandro Libutti called Exploded Views. Text is in English and Italian and contains new interviews with all four members of Wire along with a free 24-minute live CD from May 1990. Track listing is Sixth, What, 12 Drill U, and Underwater. Kevin S. Eden's excellent Everybody Loves a History is still very available. A must if you haven't already got a copy.


So that's it for now. We'll keep you informed of news and releases as they happen. Let us know your own personal favourites, comments and expectations in the meantime! This was the first letter.

This Newsletter first published in 1994.