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Colin Newman interview

The Guardian, 2000

This transcript is from Lucy Barrick's [LB] interview with Colin Newman [CN] for The Guardian's 'Answer Me' column...

Getting personal with... Colin Newman

LB: Have you ever adopted a pseudonym and, if so, why?

CN: When I was young and dumb I adopted the name Klive Nice for about three minutes.

LB: Have you ever lied about your age and, if so, why?

CN:Why do I need to when I'm still 18?

LB: How would you describe yourself in a lonely-hearts ad?

CN:My first wife described me as an 'acquired taste'—which I've always taken as a compliment.

LB: What was the last illegal thing you did?

CN:Listened to pirate radio (or is it just illegal to broadcast?)

LB: What was the last kind-hearted thing you did?

CN:Ran a record company without making any profit!

LB: Who's the nicest person you've ever worked with?

CN:My wife Malka, a working relationship that's beyond nice.

LB: What are the initials of the most unpleasant person you've ever worked with?

CN:Life's too short.

LB: Has a critic ever made you cry?

CN:They've pissed me off when they've been too lazy to listen to what they've been presented with. But cry? No way!

LB: What would you advertise without a fee?

CN:Daddies Sauce, Macintosh, allotments, posteverything, junk boy, English/American breakfasts, Andreas Gursky, Akai samplers.

LB: What would you never advertise?

CN:I'd find it hard to say much positive about 99% of the record and media industries.

LB: What wakes you up screaming at 4 in the morning?

CN:Very little (though not having any money can be pretty depressing).

LB: What takes you to a 'happy place'?

CN:See the 'advertise' list: and my wife, my son, amazing music produced by artists who are as long on imagination as they are short on resources, spring mornings, being valued for what I'm good at, travel, being alive...

Lucy Barrick.

Originally published in The Guardian during 2000.