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Malka Spigel

Rosh Ballata

Rosh Ballata was the first Swim Records release and sits between Newman and Spigel's Crammed Discs material and what they would later do as Immersion and on Bastard.

The title track is the real high-point and combines dance rhythms from several cultures, dreamy synthesised backing, harsh harpsichord staccato and Spigel's vocal textures. Tethnic also is a similar hybrid of Middle East meets Western pop and is catchy and engrossing. Don't Ask Why and Lisgor Sipor Yashan are both somewhat lighter in tone and atmosphere but just as strong.

However, the album struggles to consistently reach this level and there are a few duff pop songs waiting to be discovered. On a more positive note, the content is quite diverse and although it doesn't move between genres particularly seamlessly, it attempts to do so with some style.

The CD also contains four remixes, including two alternative versions of Lisgor Sipor Yashan.

Craig Grannell (April, 1999)

Cover artwork