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Pablo's Eye

Prepare for the Others to Follow

It's not often you come across an 11-track CD single, although this contains far more than a bunch of turgid, lazy remixes. Reminiscent of a concept album or soundtrack, Prepare for Others to Follow is an extremely coherent entity that becomes engaging due to the variety of approaches that each artist offers.

Themes continually reoccur throughout and elements are used several times to different ends. The mood varies from the rather catchy title track, borrowing musically from several cultures and adding a fragmented breakbeat, to the ghostly mirages of the Cypher N.Y. mix where the merest traces of the original piece are echoed off into the shadows. The Rotterdam mix becomes a kind of heady, intense trance, and the Immersion mix sprays synth burblings and desperately complex breaks all over fragments of the original until it's left gasping for breath.

Craig Grannell (April, 1999)

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