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Gilbert, Lewis and Mills


Pacific/Specific includes MZUI: Australia (a radio broadcast for radio JJJ) and Dome's sole Peel session from 1980. It starts with the Peel session and the rhythmic beat of Anchors. Overlaid bass, guitar and piano riffs combine with a full lyric to create a fairly 'pop' number along the lines of much of the P'o release. Norde and Quicken your Step are a little more experimental—particularly the former—and all three Peel tracks are worth a listen, being among the best of Dome's output.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said of MZUI: Australia. The project was conceived with Russell Mills and consisted of Mills, Gilbert and Lewis each recording sections of the piece independently. The piece was then mixed live on air in a studio in Sydney and relayed by satellite.

Rather more ambient than most of Gilbert and Lewis' work of the period, it mostly fails to attract or retain the interest. There are a few engaging moments: a strained voice under a barrage of ambience, a few moments of sublime instrumentation and so on. But as Gilbert says in the interview that you can find after a five minute pause at the end of MZUI, '... I found it very tame...' I suppose this is proof that an interesting concept does not always guarantee absorbing results...

Craig Grannell (1998)

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