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Bruce Gilbert

Music for Fruit

The slightest of the Bruce Gilbert releases, lasting a mere 33 minutes, Music for Fruit collects three more experimental pieces.

An edited version of Music for Fruit, commissioned by Aletta Collins for the dance piece Fruit, is first. It is more orchestral than much of Gilbert's previous work, veering between vaguely Vangelis-like textures to more familiar industrial Dome-esque sound loops.

The soundtrack for Martyn Pick's animated film Push is next. Perhaps a little more focused, the piece dispenses with sharp cuts by weaving layers of sound into each other, initially fading one 'part' into the next to good effect and then reintroducing them one-by-one. The piece builds into a quite disconcerting jumble of sounds before dying away. The second half is a little more ragged, probably attempting to include a few too many ideas, although the combination of echoing voices and textures that emerges near the end is impressive.

You Might be Called is the final offering, a kind of warped electro-pop offering, like Art of Noise on crack.

Overall, Music for Fruit is a somewhat middling album. Fans of Gilbert's other work will be happy enough, but those that have yet to sample the wares of Wire's most sonically extreme member would be better off picking up a copy of Ab Ovo or This Way to the Shivering Man first.

Craig Grannell (March, 2000)

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