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He Said Omala

Matching Crosses

Matching Crosses contains six reworked tracks from Catch Supposes. Most are so drastic that only the texts and the titles from the originals remain (and alternatives are even offered for those). It begins with Descendance's jazz-tinged mix of Solid or Vanish called Here be us Chickens, which is not particularly interesting and somewhat out of place. Krister Linder's version of the same track is better, adding a slightly disjointed drumbeat and delayed/reversed electronics to some of the original's atmospheric washes, creating an almost dance tinged mix in the process.

Hartley & Huhta's atmospheric take on Sea Horse Trading adds a Kraftwerk-style drumbeat and heavily echoed piano, producing a dark and claustrophobic mood and He Said Omala provide another treat, sampling from Roy Orbison's Blue Bayou in Troubled Mind.

The final two tracks are mixes by Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis. Minimal would be a somewhat appropriate description with both bringing to mind the more delicate work from Dome.

Despite the poor opener this is a top quality release. All the remaining tracks are excellent and significantly different from the originals to warrant purchase.

Craig Grannell (1998)

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