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Mesmerising? Intoxicating? Emotional? Immersive? Words don't really seem to do this release any justice. This is simply one of the very best electronic releases of recent times on Swim, or any other label, and the amazing thing is how simple it all seems.

The ten tracks are built from repetitive electronic loops surrounded by slowly shifting, interweaving washes of texture. These are augmented by simple beats and rhythms that compliment rather than take over the mix. Dorain is quite possibly the finest electronic piece I've heard, despite its brevity, and along with Affective, Ammonite and, well, pretty much every other piece, it makes up an utterly essential album.

This is truly wonderful music, its pulse grows and evolves with every listen, and while it may not grab you immediately, once it does it won't let you go.

Craig Grannell (1998)

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