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Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, UK (December 8, 2000)

So, here it was... again. I really felt that Highbury was the end of it, I just got that vibe on the last night. Good to see my predictions remain consistently accurate...


Well, this was by far the furthest I'd ever been to a gig; usually Birmingham and London cover the vast majority of what I fancy. A leisurely drive and a long weekend would have been most agreeable. However, a mixture of work plus girlfriend with a baby due in 12 days meant a 24-hour round trip courtesy of British Airways (what better way to use those air miles?) A stern warning to the unborn one to stay put and resist the urge to emerge at a Wire-related moment was thankfully heeded!

set list

Scotland: home of numerous dodgy guitar bands and the kilt. Actually, Edinburgh is a lovely place and the venue was superb: a circular church-like building with pews and a balcony. It looked like it was more used to chamber music—nice to think of something a bit more raucous getting let loose there.

The support band looked a bit uninspiring, so I warmed the bar up instead.

Wire started with a new piece—the long slow throb of Zoom, building into a relaxed Heartbeat then cranking up the tempo for a brilliant Ally in Exile and the punky Germ Ship. No more new ones followed and the semi-new He Knows remains for now.

A blistering finale then flew by as the lads raced for the finish line with Advantage in Height, Lowdown, Another the Letter, 12XU and Pink Flag. A quick fag break ensued and they shortly returned to give Drill a mostly instrumental kicking.

It was an excellent performance under stark white light, an Xmas party to be proud of.

Set list: Zoom, Heartbeat, Ally in Exile, Germ Ship, Boiling Boy, He Knows, Advantage in Height, Lowdown, Another the Letter, 12XU, Pink Flag.

Encore: Drill.

Paul Rabjohn

Photography: Paul Rabjohn

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