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Colin Newman

It Seems

The first of Colin Newman's records to fully take advantage of sequencing, It Seems is mostly driven by layers of interplaying rhythms. Where it differs from traditional sequenced album (a.k.a. dance music) is in direction and instrumentation. Both seem to follow on from Commercial Suicide; the mood is quite dreamy, and the album almost devoid of drums. Improvements over the older release are immediately apparent: although often musically quite sedate, It Seems has an edge, and the arrangements seem richer. Although perhaps sounding slightly dated, the result is an intriguing combination of mellow rhythms and occasional hard edges.

The release is full of engaging music, from the dreamy title track to the philosophical mickey-take Round and Round. The wonderful Better Later than Never including Robert Gotobed on drums, is the album's undisputed high point—a fairly 'pop' number with a chord sequence to die for. One to watch out for.

Craig Grannell (1998)

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