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Malka Spigel


Hide is Spigel's second self-titled release for Swim and features three new tracks, a cover of Minimal Compact's Returning Wheel and three remixes.

Hide is a good, solid opener, if perhaps a little unremarkable. A strong beat is augmented by smooth keyboard textures, a single vocal line—'You don't have to hide'—and, bizarrely, what sounds like a typewriter hammering away at the back of the mix.

Returning Wheel, the Minimal Compact cover, is quite possibly the mini-album's highlight: a clattering beat and distant guitars join a surprisingly jaunty bassline. The vocal is very strong and although the emphasis is often placed on seemingly unnatural places within the words, this serves to strengthen the piece.

Strum Gliding and I Just Want are also strong, the former concluding the original tracks with distant guitars echoing into the distance.

All three remixes are very different from the originals; Incarnate enhance the warm textures I Just Want, smoothing the piece out; Immersion strip Returning Wheel of all but its most basic rhythmic elements, thus creating an entirely new piece, and g-Man puts Hide through the g-Man shredder, serving up a noisy and insistent dancefloor piece.

It would be absurd not to recommend an album with seven decent tracks on it (out of seven), and although Hide has since been superseded by My Pet Fish, it is still well worth picking up.

Craig Grannell (April, 1999)

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