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This compilation collects the second pair of Dome releases: Dome 3 and Will You Speak This Word: Dome 4.

Dome 3 is more musically structured than previous Dome work, often borrowing rhythms and sounds from other cultures and mixing them with abstract noise. The idea of cut-up vocals is taken to the extreme until all that's left is fragments of words, ramblings, nonsense and vocal noises. It begins well with the hypnotic rhythms of Jasz and Ar-Gu, but substance is sometimes lacking. Although there are standout tracks, such as Na-drm and the incredible Roos-an, this is probably the weakest of all the Dome LPs.

The final de-facto Dome release from the '80s—Will you Speak this Word: Dome 4—brings together the minimalism of earlier works and a more ethnic leaning. To Speak is built around the repetition of the words 'To sleep and let my words come round again,' backed by textured violins and saxophones that are arranged to give an almost Arabic feel. This evolves into a rhythmic mix of hard drumbeats and guitar that abruptly stops. The final part of the track offers tiny echoes of what appeared earlier in amongst slowly shifting and ghostly electronics.

The remainder of the album is made of much shorter tracks, most of which seem to highlight one of the ideas within To Speak. The best of these is This, which is a bizarre mix of shifting vocals and disjointed rhythms.

The suite-like To Speak would be worth the asking price alone. The rhythmical qualities of Roos-an rather overshadow the remainder of the sometimes-weak Dome 3, but this collection is still worthy of consideration.

Craig Grannell (1998)

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