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He Said Omala

Catch Supposes

Catch Supposes teams Graham Lewis with the Swedish ambient act Omala. The result is a stunning six-track album of immersive, ambient pieces that centres around rich, intricate rhythms and Lewis' thoughtful and ambiguous texts.

Owners of Vien will get a slight feeling of deja vu upon hearing An Itch, a track that may well be a drastic reworking of Sexy and Rich (Janet). This is a fantastic and edgy slice of warped electronica, containing layers of muted sounds, electronic rhythms and fragmented drum patterns.

Solid or Vanish and Post Code Orange also prove to be excellent, the latter with an ambiguous text, which may be about wartime survival, existing in amongst intertwined, slowly-building rhythms. In fact, all six pieces on this album are of an extremely high quality; the feel is quite intimate and the mood far more atmospheric than the brash pop ideals of Graham's previous works.

The whole album hangs together remarkably well and is atmospheric and intelligent in both rhythm and text. Dome for the '90s? Perhaps.

Craig Grannell (1998)

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