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Pablo's Eye

All She Wants Grows Blue

Prepare for Others to Follow was a worthy release, but it seemed like something was missing. I sometimes felt that the lack of conceptual space (due to the 'remix' nature of that disc) restricted Pablo's Eye, something that is rectified here with the act's first full Swim album. Whereas the older release can be seen as a compelling collection of short stories, All She Wants Grows Blue is a full novel: a musical movie of substance and atmosphere.

The links with the big screen are all too obvious, but this is not Hollywood nor art film, more an exploration of fragmented memories and stories. A loose narrative runs throughout and musical themes repeat. At times the ambience is menacing and at others, calm. The narrative moves seamlessly from third to first person, and the sounds and music shift so effortlessly between styles that it's quite a surprise when the disc finishes and you find more than an hour has passed.

The unique nature of Pablo's Eye remains somewhat undefinable. It not only shifts between musical genres but pushes into other media as well. The disc serves as a reminder of how a narrative-driven set can work without the narrative taking over, and how a combination of originality, intelligence and engrossing composition can combine to produce something haunting and mesmerising.

Craig Grannell (April, 1999)

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