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Newsletter 3.7

June, 2001


Hello and welcome to a relatively thin-on-the-ground newsletter. Feverish behind the scenes activity for the release of the Michael O'Shea CD.


Albeit late and should have been reported last time, apologies. Graham has contributed to another catalogue CD from an exhibition held between February 10 and March 18 at F³rgfabriken, Stockholm, dedicated to the work of Rune Linblad.

In 1953, Rune composed his first work of 'musique concret': Party. With this work, he wrote himself into music history as one of the first composers to employ electronic music, taped music and sampling.

F³rgfabriken have collaborated with Firework Editions in producing an LP, CD and book. As well as two composotions by Lindblad, the LP and CD include a series of tributes to Rune.

The contributors on CD are: Kent Tankred, Leif Elggren, Edvard Graham Lewis, BJ Nilsen, CM von Hausswolff; on LP: Jean Louis Huhta, Brommage Dub; and the contains text by Magnus Hagland.

To order (200sek) contact: Catti Lindahl (+46 8 645 26 90) or write to: F³rgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, S -117 43 Stockholm, Sweden.


Bruce travelled to Cork on May 17 to perform at the Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, to support Pan Sonic as part of their world tour. Also on the bill were Einheit/Brotzman. As well as providing musical support, the arts centre also has one of Bruce's installations on show. Bruce also makes an appearance when Mute Song promote four nights of 'warped pop and weird sound' at the spitz (020 7392 9032) on June 4-7.


Belated birthday grettings to Robert Grey who celebrated his half century on April 21. Although WMO was not able to attend, Robert made his way to London for a tipple or two in a local hostelry. BCG and CJN were also in attendance and we gather a fine time was had by all.


Following some production delays the late Michael O'Shea CD was finally released on June 12. Containing six extra tracks, numerous previously unseen photographs and extensive sleeve notes by Wire biographer Kevin S. Eden, we think it a fitting tribute to a unique talent.

Copies are available from WMO and all mail orders will receive a free postcard. This CD marks the final release for WMO. We have exhausted the Wire and related archive. We would have dearly loved to have released MZUI but our pockets are not that deep. Bruce's Haring 2 will see the light of day in due course, but as a mail-order item only.

We would like to thank all those who have supported this venture down the years and although there are adminsitrative changes to come, we are still here for business.

Kevin Eden

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