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Another the A List


Best-ofs are biased towards marketability, single labels, or any number of other criteria. How then, is one to find out what are truly the best tracks by any band? Simple: ask the fans!

Another the A List provides an ongoing 'Top 50' of the very best Wire tracks—and now also a 'Top 20' solo chart—as determined by your contributions. [NOTE: Contributions currently closed]

This page was last updated on November 20, 2006.

Top 50 combined chart

1.Map Ref. 41°N 93°W154
2.Outdoor MinerChairs Missing
3.The 15th154
4.AheadThe Ideal Copy
5.Kidney BingosA Bell is a Cup...
6.Ex-Lion TamerPink Flag
7.MannequinPink Flag
8.MercyChairs Missing
9.ReutersPink Flag
10.Blessed State154
11.A Serious of SnakesSnakedrill
12.I am the FlyChairs Missing
13.German ShepherdsIBTABA
14.A Question of DegreeChairs Missing
15.In VivoIBTABA
16.I Should have Known Better154
17.LowdownPink Flag
18.A Mutual Friend154
==Forty versions154
20.On Returning154
21.A Touching Display154
22.Dot DashPink Flag
==Madman's HoneyThe Ideal Copy
==The Finest DropsA Bell is a Cup...
25.French Film BlurredChairs Missing
26.AmbitiousThe Ideal Copy
==.Eardrum BuzzIBTABA
29.Boiling BoyA Bell is a Cup...
==FragilePink Flag
==Practise Makes PerfectChairs Missing
32.HeartbeatChairs Missing
33.Three Girl RhumbaPink Flag
34.Pink FlagPink Flag
35.Used toChairs Missing
36.Too LateChairs Missing
37.12XUPink Flag
==.LorriesNot to
39.MaroonedChairs Missing
==The OfferIBTABA
42.Our SwimmerDocument and Eyewitness
43.Sand in my JointsChairs Missing
44.StrangePink Flag
45.Men 2ndChairs Missing
==You Hung your Lights in the Trees...Manscape
47.106 Beats ThatPink Flag
48.Single KO154
49.Come Back in Two HalvesThe Ideal Copy
50.Silk Skin PawsA Bell is a Cup...

Top twenty solo chart

The numbers in brackets indicate each track's standing in the overall 'A List' (current number of 'charted' tracks: 227).

1. (38)LorriesNot toColin Newman
2. (40)AloneA-ZColin Newman
3. (56)PumpHailHe Said
4. (61)Cruel when CompleteDome 1Dome
5. (66)Epitath for Henran BrenlarThe Shivering ManBruce Gilbert
6. (78)Rolling Upon my DayDome 1Dome
7. (89)To SpeakDome 4Dome
8. (91)Or So It SeemsOr So It SeemsDuet Emmo
9. (93)The Red TentDome 2Dome
10. (94)And JuryA-ZColin Newman
11. (97)Better Later Than NeverIt SeemsColin Newman
12. (98)Blind TimWhilst Climbing Thieves...P'o
13. (102)Feigned HearingCommercial SuicideColin Newman
14. (103)ImageA-ZColin Newman
15. (104)Like this for ages8TimeCupol
16. (105)Post Code OrangeCatch SupposesHe Said Omala
17. (107)Truculent YetNot toColin Newman
18. (108)InventoryA-ZColin Newman
19. (109)Solid or VanishCatch SupposesHe Said Omala
20. (111)BA-ZColin Newman